Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ogre BSB and a long overdue update!

Wow, so i've not updated since July 8th! - allow me to explain! My six weeks holidays (from school!) was broken up thus: I moved house in the first 2 weeks! This left me with no internet and pretty much sets the tone for the following 6! I had no internet! I went on my overdue honeymoon the next 2 weeks (which ibviously meant no gaming/painting) and in the final two weeks (still without internet) we got 2 kittens. This meant babysitting them and teaching them that my models were not infact, toys for their amusement and tooth sharpening!

Gaming - i actually have managed to get several games from both systems in and sadly haven't properly batrep'd any of them due to sheer lack of time!

In fantasy, my Ogres lost to Lizardmen (again!), beat Wood Elves and lost (heavily) to a variant of the Warriors of Chaos "Slaaneshi Ld Bomb" list!

In 40k, i've been playing in an escalating points league at Games Workshop Sheffield. This saw my 600pt necron list go 0 for 4! This was down to me not understanding the leagues rules (amongst being very poor at the game!!!) and going for the rulebooks 1 HQ and 2 troops, when apparently we could have gone for  just one troops @ 600pts.

At 1100pts (the nest step) i lost to a questionable Guard/Ork list which i still suspect was actually about 1500pts worth...(sigh!). At this point, honeymoon called and i missed the rest of the 1100pt games.

In september, at 1500 i'm currently 1 for 1. People appear to expect a necron player to be all wraith/flyer heavy and so my list (which will be given more time in a near future BatRep) appears to be outside the norm and contain unexpected loadouts!

So, this summer, i've painted up all my 1500pt necron army (except the Veiltek! - ran out of undercoat dammit!), and finally finished the school club stuff (Assault on Black Reach!)

I've managed to buy some more ogres stuff and thus "sort of" finished my ogre list! I just need to paint a lot of it. I think the only thing i can see me buying for this army in the future would be more ironguts - and this would only be if i wanted to take my ogres ot a tournament as right now i just stick the battalion bulls behind them!

So, here's the current state of my ogre army:

What you might spot is my new BSB. Yup - finally made a BSB. Inspired by all the folks on the "Ogre Stronghold" forum, i really wanted my BSB to be unique and be mine and basically, you get SO much extra stuff on the other ogre kits that it was really fun making this. It was also my first foray into greenstuff which sounds all big - but really it was just a bit of rope to strap the banner to the ogre!

So, the base of this model is quite recognizably Bragg the Gutsman which appears a popular choice for Ogre BSB conversions. I toyed with the idea of using the pole he comes with to build the banner around but decided against it.

First i hacked the weapon away and replaced it with the head of a hammer from the Slaughtermaster finecast kit. For a gut plate i used a plastic piece from (i think) the Ironguts kit (might have been the mournfang. This is a hand grasping a beartrap and i thought it looked cool. As i like adding "bitz" from all the armies i play and my mates just started his Slaaneshi Ld Bomb warrior list, i felt that a Slaaneshi Warriors shield would be a good Ironfist. On the base is a little brazier from the High Elf Pheonix Guard kit.

The base of the banner itself is made from the Stonehorn/Thundertusk kit. I then stuck a spare Dragonhead from the Mournfang kit in the hole and used the flag bit from the same kit at the rear. And since one mate has recently started Empire, there's a dead Empire Greatsword dangling from the banner.

Whats Next?
Well, on my paint table at the mo is my Firebelly, 2 Sabretusks (Which are actually the lions fromt he High Elf Chariot kit) and 20 Gnoblars so you can expect a post with them hopefully finished within the next week.

I also intend on going down to GW SHeffield again this Thursday for a game of 40k so hopefully can bring you a 1500pt Necron BatRep

I also made a start on Brettonia and bought the Battalion - however i'm forbidding myself from even opening it until my Ogre army is painted! (2 Mournfang, 4 Leadbelchers, 1 Ironblaster and a Stonehorn!)