Saturday, 28 January 2012

Scenario 4 - "Blood and Glory" - 2400pts (HE V OK)

This is another scenario i usually hate as it can really hurt some armies more than others. It does however, encourage more balanced lists which is a good thing. I reckon both lists are well balanced and so this is another good test!

 High Elves win the roll for side and elect for the side with the Wizards Tower within it's deployment zone.

On the right flank, the White Lions set up once again in the woods (this will come back to haunt me one day!) with an Eagle behind for support. The Pheonix Guard set up next to the tower with the intention of marching right up infront and guarding it as...

I usually put the Archmage in the unit of Archers without the Flaming Banner, but given the circumstances, i put the Archmage and the archers with the flaming banner in the building - i figure that in the worst case scenario, they get assaulted, then they're re-rolling hits and wounds!

Eagle behind an RBT and due to space restrictions, the other archer unit in the wood along with the Swordmasters. The Spears follow next with 2 units of Dragon Princes on the left looking to run quick.

The Ogres ruined that by plonking the Mournfang opposite them! and Ironblaster on the hill with the Ogres in front. The Gnoblars blocks the all important IG unit which deployed right at the back - with the BSB in here i dont need to risk it too soon!

A unit of Leadbelchers take the building in their deployment zone and the Slaughtermaster, who would normally go with the Ogres, joins them! The other LB unit and Ironblaster went to the left of the building and are low risk.

From a High Elf perspective, i'm thinking it's gonna be really hard to get the MFC banner, but throwing 2 units of bannerless Dragon Princes at them seems worth a no-risk punt. The Ogre unit shouldn't be too hard to take out but the Ironguts with BSB will be a right git!

From an Ogre perspective, i'm chucking everything at that tower as the elite units have proven squishy enough so far and there's 3 points sat in that wizards tower!!

L4 Archmage:
1) Flesh to Stone
2) Shield of Thorns
3) Regrowth
4) Dwellers

L4 Maw:
1) Braingobbler (panic causer!)
2) Toothcracker (+T)
3) The Strength buff
4) Trollguts (Regen)

Turn 1: Ogres
Mournfang move to a position to try and entice the Dragon Princes to fail a charge. Mostly move everything else closer.

Magic: 7/5 (6/6 after Annulian crystal) > 6/7 (after channels!)
Making no attempts to hide the strategy, Braingobbler is cast on the Archmage in the tower but is wisely dispelled (6 dice Vs 6 dice i might add)

Both Ironblasters fire at the Wizards Tower but only kill 5. The Leadbelchers kill 2 more. Archers hold.

Turn 1: High Elves
Dragon Princes and Eagle charge the Mounrfang, annoyingly, only the Eagle makes it - ah well...farewell eagle!

Other Eagles move to divert the inevitable overrun and line up a flank on the Ironblaster.  was quit ehappy here as it was worth sacrificing 2 Eagles to perhaps get a flank on the MFC

Magic: 12/6
Hellheart used (2) but low roll misses everything - needed a 5 so was worth it as i sure as hell wasn't moving the Slaughtermaster out the towwer in a hurry!
Throne of Vines dispelled.
Flesh to Stone Dispelled
Regrowth puts 4 more back on the Archers
Earthblood cast with Irresistable Force but rolled a 7 on Miscast table which, s he's in a building does naff all! - yay!

Eagle predictably got mulched

Turn 2: Ogres
Score still untouched and so is Ogres 6, High Elves 7

MFC charge Eagle which takes it.
Ogres charge Spears who also stand

Magic: 5/3 > 4/4 (After AC) > 5/4 (after channeling)
Finally have more dice than the damn elves!
5 diced Braingobbler...
...dispelled again!

The Ironblaster grapeshots 5 of the White Lions away who hold their ground.
The other Ironblaster kills 2 more archers in the tower.
The Leadbelcher unit not in the tower, kills 5 Pheonix Guard whilst the ones in the tower only manage 1. The PG hold.

Spears only manage 2 wounds, Ogres only do 4. Drawn combat
Mournfang destroy the Eagle, but due to the Ogres charge and the length of the Mournfang, wouldn't be able to make the wheel if they overran into the Dragon Prince infront and so elect to reform to avoid the flank.

Turn 2: High Elves
Still Ogres 6, High Elves 7

Dragon Princes charge Mournfang head on who hold.
Pheonix Guard charge Leadbelcher unit
White Lions into front of Ironblaster.
The other Dragon princes charge the flank of the Ogre bull unit.

The Swordmasters and central Eagle move to take a look at the Ironguts next turn (you'd be suprised ho much more that 2" gets you on the march from the Banner of Swiftness)

Magic: 12/6 (tidy!!)
Throne of Vines cast and let through, Regrowth cast on Pheinix Guard, restoring 6. Earthblood dispelled and Dwellers on Slaughtermaster failed to cast.

Archmages unit kills one Gnoblar, forcing them to flee into the White Lions where they are wiped out!
Archers int he wood kill 5 Gnoblar Trappers infront of them who infuriatingly hold infront of the RBT which fails to hit anything.

Went with teh White Lions first hoping to overrun into the flank of the Leadbelcher unit.
As it goes, they fail to wound with 6 hits! IB kills 2, Drawn....rats!
Pheonix Guard kill 5, Leadbelchers return for 3. Leaddies flee 10" to Pheonix Guard's 8" (seems to be a theme of this battle series!)
In the spears combat, the Dragon Princes do a mighty 10 wounds!! Which was great as the spears themselves did bugger all! Ogres kill 2 spears and fail panic. Ogre runs 11", Spears 6" Dragon Princes reformed to face Mournfang flank.
Speaking of which...the Dragon Princes managed an incredible 5 wounds on the Mournfang for only one loss, fail their panic check and get run down by the Dragon Princes...

...i dont't know what just happened...but i'll take it!!

Turn 3: Ogres
Ogres lost 2 flags last turn from the Mournfang and Ogres so the score is now:

Ogres 4, High Elves 7

One more flag lost and it's game over for the Ogres!!

Ironguts charge Pheonix Guard who flee and bounce far enough to get worryingly close to table edge! Eek!

Magic: 6/3 > 5/4 (AC) > 5/5 (chanelling)
Braingobbler is 6 diced Irresistable forced (9) on the Archmage (Slaughtermaster takes a wound for his trouble). Archmage fails the panic test...and rolls double 6's...and flees of the table!

Just like that, the game goes to 4 Vs 4 and the next banner wins it for either team. I'm now shitting bricks about my very undermanned White Lions!

Ironblaster undershoots a flank shot on the Dragon Princes - i know in hindsight it would have been more useful to go for the spears of the Swordmasters...but i couldn't resist!
The 2 Leadbeclher units each pick off a pesky eagle. (The swordmasters hold!)

The White Lions manage 3 wounds on the Ornblaster for loss of 1. Ironblaster runs 6" but bounces off the board, White Lions 3" (at least they've survived!

Turn 3: High Elves
Next flag wins it!

Pheonix Guard rally which means i actually get a turn!

Swordmasters go all or nothing into the flank of the Ironguts.
White Lions charge the building with the Slaughtermaster

The RBT, in quite the opposite of last game, manages to finish off the gnoblar!

Went with the Swordmasters first.
Swordmasters do 12 wounds. BSB kills 4 back, unit does 2 more. Ironguts fail snake eyes re-rollable and flee - killing the BS and the standard bearer and winning the game for the High Elves!

Post Game
Interesting game! I honestly thought after the Ogres first turn that the High Elves were screwed! Note to self...against cannons, building actually aren't the safest place to be! stupid D6 hits!

Then followed the roller-coaster of having a great turn where i only needed to take one more banner and a minute later, hanging on by the smallest thread! I mean there were so many ways i they could have lost - the White Lions losing to the Ironblaster would have done it, the Pheonix Guard not rallying!

If anything, maybe this battle will lend support to those that say i need a BSB in my High Elf list. But!!! This is reallythe only time i've felt that would be useful! Thos points that would've gone to a BSB would've gone on the Dragon Princes which somehow ran down the MFC and their banner!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Scenario 3 - "Battle for the Pass" - 2400pts (HE V OK)

Ogres on the left from top to bottom: The first ironblaster protects a flank next to what will prove an important "Altar of Khaine". 2 Leadbelcher units and the Ironguts (with the BSB) line up in the centre infront of a Mysterious Wood with both Gnoblar Trapper units 10 wide apiece protecting them.

The Ogre Bull unit (with the Slaughtermaster) hide behind another Mysterious Wood, while the Mournfang (still shown with incorrect base size!) and the final Ironblaster take the right flank.

The High Elves on the right from top to bottom: 2 Eagles and a unit of Dragon Princes take the right flank. The White Lions deploy in a forest hoping to utilise their Forest Strider rule to quickly advance down the field under the cover from the pesky Leadbelcher opposite!

The big blocks of 20 Pheonix Guard and 30 Spears make up the centre line with the Swordmasters to their left. Behind are both units of archers, one of which bunkers the Archmage.

Taking the left flank for the High Elves are 2 more eagles and another unit of Dragon Princes with the RBT deployed well back looking at some good targets (namely the Mournfang!)

Level 4 (Life) Archmage:
1) Flesh to Stone (F2S)
2) Throne of Vines (ToV)
3) Regrowth (RG)
4) Dwellers

Level 4 (Maw) Slaughtermaster
1) Toothcracker
2) Trollguts
3) Maw
4) I forget but it never came into play...

Turn 1
The White Lions roll for the wood they deployed in and move on, safe in the knowledge it's a mere wood. They manouvre as planned into the next, which is discovered to be a venemous thicket. The Swordmasters move into the lower wood which turns out to be an Abyssal Wood which causes fear - this could prove handy!! The Archmage's archer unit moves into the building for extra security. Eagles move for redirect duty!

Magic - 9/6 +2 Banner of Sorcery (BoS)
Throne of Vines (ToV) cast. Flesh to Stone (F2S) (+4T) cast on the spearmen. I reckon they'll get whittled down by the Leadbelchers pretty quick without as the Ogres can wither shoot my elite units in the woods but suffer horrible penalties to hit, shoot the Pheonix Guard with their 4+ ward or them. This should now make target choosing an issue!

RBT puts a wound on the Mournfang. Archers attempt to kill the Gnoblars which will cause so much annoyance but can only manage 2!

Turn 1: Ogres
Yeah...first turn charges - totally forgot about the damn altar when deploying...

The Ironblaster fails the Frenzy check...and proceeds to fail it's charge too! The Leadbelchers and Gnoblars pass theirs though and set up position to cause havoc. The SLaughtermaster marches out the Ogres as i realise there's more than enough bodies around to protect him - i also want to make more use of his bubble casting ability!

Sensing the opportunity to take out teh Swordmasters at such an early stage, thre Mournfang proceed to...fluff their roll...gits!

Magic 1/1 > 0/2 After Annulian Crystal (AC)
Let it be known as the most underwhelming first turn magic phase EVER!

The right flank Ironblaster misfires (4) and can't shoot next turn!
The Leadbelchers at the top kill an eagle whilst the central Leadbelchers kill 3 Pheonix Guard

Turn 2: High Elves
Dragon Princes at the top charge the Ironblaster.
White Lions fail against Leadbelchers at the top - gutted!
Swordmasters fail against Mournfang at the bottom - really gutted!
Eagle on left flank flys to protect the Swordmasters, whilst the Eagle at the top fly behind the Orinblaster to ensure that it bounces off the board if it breaks!

Magic - 10/6 +3 BoS (capped at 12/6)
F2S (+4T) cast on Spears w/ Irresistable FOrce - Ignored due to ToV.
Regrowth on PG dispelled.

RBT puts another wound on Mournfang - happy with this, keep chippin' away!
Archers kill 2 more Gnoblars but the buggers pass their panic check!

The Dragon Princes - courtesy of Frenzy from the Altar, proceed to annihilate the Ironblaster

Turn 2: Ogres
With no option remaining and no Leaddies around, the Mournfang charge the Eagle. Not wanting them to be able to redirect, it holds!
TheOgre Bull unit fails to charge the Swordmasters in the wood! this wood certainly must cause fear as everyone seems chicken shit to go near it!
The Leaddies and Gnoblars at the top manage to restrain and so the Gnoblar move into what i like ot call "the annoying prick" position...

Magic - 3/2 > 2/3 (After AC)
With nothing to go on...again...Ogres choose to dispel Throne of Vines.

Leadbelchers at the top kill 3 Dragon Princes who hold.
The central Leadbelchers kill 6 Pheonix Guard
Ironblaster can't shoot due to misfire in previous turn.

Mournfang do 2 impact wounds to the eagle who does a mighty one back (enough to finish off a model!) before being absolutley massacred!

Turn 3: High Elves
White Lions and Dragon Princes charge front of Leadbelcher unit at top, Eagle flanks the side
Swordmasters charge through woods at Mournfang.
Dragon Princes at bottom charge Ironblaster whilst Eagle charges rear!

Looking pretty good for the High ELves right now i'm thinking!

Magic - 9/5 +2 (BoS)
ToV Dispelled, Regrowth Dispelled.
Dwellers kills 3 Leadbelchers.

...absolutely nowt!!

In the combat at the top, the Dragon Princes manage 2 wounds, White Lions do 10!...Eagle nothing! The Leadbelchers respond by killing 4 White Lions including stomps. Leadbelchers flee 8", thinking the DP will be enough to run them down, i reform with the Eagle and the White Lions...only for the bloomin' Dragon Princes to pursue 4"

The Dragon Princes at the bottom only do 1 wound, the Eagle does nothing. Ironblaster loses and flees 11"...once again, the Dragon Princes only pursue 7" - what the hell did they feed the horses pre-battle???

The Swordmaster manage 5 wounds on the Mournfang but lose 10 in retaliation! They manage to hold on a 5!

Turn 3: Ogres
The Ironblaster rallies and turns to fire at the unsuspecting pursuing Dragon Princes.
Leadbelchers rally and move to the left slightly.

Magic 5/4 > 4/5 (AC)
Finally - dice!!! Bubble Toothcracker (+1T) is cast! A spell! I cast a spell!!!!

the newly rallied Leadbelchers kill the remaining Dragon Princes.
The central Leadbelchers kill...1 Dragon Princes
The newly rallied Ironblaster....misfires...again...rolls a 6 and turns to show it's flank to the Dragon!

Swordmasters do 5 wounds on the Mournfang but are wiped out in return!

Turn 4: High Elves

The Spearmen charge the Gnoblar Trappers...and lose NINE...and FLEE!! Well, i guess the Ogres deserved some luck!

The Pheonix Guard charge the other trappers and lose 3 to their traps!
The White Lions and Eagle charge the Ironguts unit (with the BSB)

Eagle at the bottom charged the Mournfang

Magic 7/5 +2 (BoS)
Hellheart is revealed but the Ogre player rolls a 2! - Does nowt!
ToV is dispelled. Regrowth goes through and heals 4 Pheonix Guard.
Flesh to Stone goes through on the White Lions for a +2 Toughness!

Archers kill 3 Gnoblars - we'll get there eventually!
2nd archer unit manages 2 on the Slaughtermaster.

Eagle at the bottom gets swatted away by the Mournfang rider - not really sure why i thought that was a good idea?
Dragon Princes manage a single wound on the Ironblaster, win combat and chase it down 9"!
Pheonix Guard cause 7 wounds on the Gnoblars for no loss and wouldn't you believe it, hold on snake eyes!!
White Lions cause 5 wounds, Ironguts cause 5 back and the BSB causes 1. White Lions hold.

Turn 4: Ogres 
Ogre Bulls charge the Archmages archer unit which flees 6", but die to terrain and other units, bounce to nearly the table edge. The Ogres redirect into the other archer unit.
The central Leadbelchers charge the flank of the Pheonix Guard.

Magic 10/6 > 9/7 (AC) then 10/7 (Channelling)
Bugger me look at all them dice!
Bubble Toothcracker get 5 dice dispelled!
Trollguts then casts with Irresistable Force (7) and so affects nothing!

Shooting - nowt!

White Lions cause 3 wounds, Eagle 1. Ironguts kill 4 white lions and overrun!
Pheonix Guard kill the remaining gnoblars but take a wound from the Leadbelchers. LB lose combat and the PG reform to face them!
Ogre Bulls kill 2 archers from impact hits, receive 2 wounds from the ASF archers before kill 4. Archers flee ^2 to the Ogre pursuit of 5"

Turn 5: High Elves

Everything fleeing rallied!

Magic - 12/6
ToV cast. Flesh to Stone (+4T) cast on archers. Dwellers on Ogre unit dispelled.

The last Mournfang saves the S6 shot from the RBT!!

The White Lions fail to wound the Leadbelchers who still have Regen from the previous Ogre turn. The Leadbelchers kill 2, win combat but the White Lions flee through the woods whilst the Leadies stay on the edge lining up their shots for next turn!

Turn 5: Ogre
Ogre Bull unit charge back into the archers hoping to finish them off  forgetting they've got F2S +4T!

Magic 6/6 (after AC)
Toothcracker dispelled. Last ditch Maw aimed at teh archmage in the building but it fails ot cast!

Leadbelchers only manage to kill 3 spearmen!
Ogres do nothing from impact hits on T7 archers. The archers manage 2 more wounds on the Ogres and receive no loss, winning by one. Ogres break and get run down 9"...into the Slaughtermaster!!!
Turn 6: High Elves
 The Pheonix Guard thankfully rally.

Magic 5/4
Flesh to stone (+4T) on Archers

RBT finally finishes off the Mournfang - some games this really pays off for itself!
Archers couldn't wound the Slaughtermaster , however he couldn't wound them....loses...and gets run down!

Turn 6: Ogre
In a last ditch attempt to claim points, the 2 leadbelchers near the altar fire at the Dragon Princes, but fail to wound! Worse still, the Other Leadbelchers fail to wound the Spearmen (Toughtness buff'd!)
End of Game
High Elves score: 1133
Ogres Score: 905
High Elves win by 228 (9.5% voctory margin)

As this is within 10% of the game (2400), i consider it a draw.

Final Thoughts
I generally hate this scenario as it can really benefit some armies more than others (Skaven i'm looking at you!). This was a fun game though. One in which the RBT paid for itself several times over with just 3 critical wounds on the Mournfang.
The Ogres magic was utter WOEFUL! If tehy'd got more PD in the first few turns it might have swayed it much more!

I've actually played the forth game in this series and will hopefully be typing it up this weekend!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Scenario 2 - "Dawn Attack" - 2400pts (HE V OK)

High Elves were forced to deploy all their units first and actually got rather lucky with the placement. Looking left to right, I have the White Lions (WL) with a unit of 5 Dragon Princes (DP) behind them. They're deployed next to an Altar of Khaine which has a really big influence on the outcome of the game!

To the left of the WL are the Pheonic Guard with an Eagle behind. Archers with the Banner of Eternal Flame take the centre with the other DP unit behind them and the big spear block to the left.

Moving along i have another Eagle and my unit of Swordmasters (SM). These are deployed near a Bane Stone. Lastly are 2 more Eagles and my Archmage's Archer unit. This is the only unit i'm concerned about placement wise as i would have preferred him to be more central.

I intend on occupying the two buildings on the centreline of the board. Having seen how impossible it was to shift the Leadbelchers (LB) from a building last game i dont intend on letting them get there this time!

The Ogres play it pretty central but a Khemrian Quicksand Swamp really splits the line! A line of Gnoblar Trappers (GT) shield the first Leadbelcher uni and an Ironblaster (IB) whilst to the right of the swamp, i have the Mournfang Cavalry (MFC) ready to go straight away. The Slaughermaster's Ogre unit and the BSB's Runemaw ready Ironguts (IG) unit go behind whilst the second Leadbelcher unit protect their flank.

My second unit of Gnoblar Trappers rolled the right flank so wont really do their intended "meat shield" job too well i forsee! The last Ironblaster is on the right flank too but i'm hoping it can take a lucky pot shot at the Archmage on turn 1!

The L4 Lifemage rolls: Wood, Flesh to Stone (F2S), Shield of Thorns (SoT) and Dwellers
The L4 Maw Slaughtermaster rolls: Bonecrusher (2D6 S2), Bullgorger (+1S), Trollguts (Regen) and Maw

Turn 1: High Elves
Knowing the shooting capabilities of the Ogres, i intend on picking my combats fairly quickly. The Banner Archers march to garrison the central building, everything else marchs forward except the central unit of Dragon Princes who, thanks to lack of space, hang back. The Spears also only move forward slightly, making sure there's a good 20" between them and the Mournfang...we dont need that happening again!

I place my eagles to wither annoy or mess up possible charges. I reckon the one infront of the MFC can outrun them...

Magic - 9/6 +3 from Banenr of Sorcery (BoS) (12/6) Helloooo!!!!
In an attempt to either draw out dispel dice or just get rid of the buggers, i cast Awakening of the Wood (AoW) on the Gnoblar Trappers. I dont care which but i'll take either! It's (wisely) let through and then only kills 2...
With no cover save near, i cast Flesh to Stone on the SM. This goes through.
I then realise all the dice i'd been greedily rolling in my palms for Dwellers couldn't hit shit but the Gnoblars...and so recklessly decide to just 6 dice the damn thing anyway...miraculously, i avoid a miscast and it kills 6 and the other 2 flee.

Shooting - The Archmasges archers manage a flukey wound on the IB on the High Elves left flank and the RBT puts a cheeky woulnd on the MFC

Turn 1 - Ogres
Charges - Sigh...The Mournfang charge the Eagle. I elect to flee. Not only do they catch the damn thing, but they double 6 it into my bloody Spearman (not this debacle again!!)

On the left side, i see no need to rush into combat with WL or PG and so stay put. To better see the SM, i move the Leadbelcher unit on the right, a little to the left!. The IG move up whilst the SLMa's unit move to where there's space!

Magic 10/5 > 9/6 (After Annulian Crystal)
Bonecrusher on Eagle dispelled. Trollguts (4+ Regen) cast with a 12" bubble!

Shooting - The LB's on the left only manage a meagre 2 dead White Lions thanks to their improved armour save against shooting. The LB's on the Right manage 2 dead SM thanks to Flesh to Stones +2 Toughness! The Iron blaster, sensing a more immediate threat of Eagle unloads a S10 grapeshot at it and as the smoke clears, there's no a pidgeon dropping in sight!

Combat - MFC kill 4 with impact hits. Spears once again, fail to dent the re-rollable 2+ armour before the Ogre riders kill 5, the Rhinox kill 6 and just for funsies, they unleash the breath weapon to kill another 5. The stomps kill 3.

Safe to say, the remaining 4 leg it (9") but the MFC, clearly exhausted after all that fun, only manage to pursue 5"

Turn 2 - High Elves
Spears fail to rally and run to just before edge of board. Safe to say, i now have an untouched MFC unit in my lines and i'm starting to brick it - and its only turn 2!

Charges - Desperate times, desparate needs! Knowing i'll never be able to wreck the LB and IB whilst their being guarded i sacrifice the Eagle on the High Elves right and charge the Trappers in front. The Dragon Princes that held back last turn now manage tocharge the MFC unit in its flank whilst the SM unit charges the front of the BSB's IG unit. An Eagle on the left gets into the flank of the Leadbecher unit too! Not too bad a turn of charges!

The Archmages unit march to garrison the other building whilst the WL and PG march to prepare flanking manouvres.

Magic 8/4 +1 BoS (9/4)
Ogres reveal the Hellheart which causes a miscast (9), resulting in a wound on the AM and -5PD.

Combat - After survuving the dangerous terrain test caused by charging gnoblar trappers, the Eagle kills 2 for no loss, breaks them and over-runs...into both the Leadbelchers and Ironblaster!! I didn't even realise this when i charged! Bonus!

The Swordmasters then take 10 wounds off the IG unit before losing 8. Ogres test on 6 re-rollable...and fail...both! Sm overrun and land smack in the flank of the Slaughtermasters Ogre unit!

The Eagle on the left fails to wound the Leadbelchers and receives a wound for it's troubles. Drawn combat.

The Dragon Princes put 5 wounds on the MFC for loss of 1. MFC flee 10" but the DP, probably still in shock, only manage 7"

Turn 2 - Ogres
MFC rally and turn to face the DP. With everything else tied up, there's no movement or charges!

Magic - 6/4 > 5/5 (after AC)
Bubble Trollguts 5 diced and dispelled

Shooting - The Ironblaster on the right, lines up a shot that would tear through 4 Dragon Princes...

...instead it Misfires (1) and is removed from the game in a shower of debris!!!

Combat - In the Eagle Vs IB and LB combat, the eagle can't wound the Leadbelchers and they can't seem to hit it back, it takes all three of the attacks of the Rhinox to chew it to pieces.

The SM do 5 wounds to the Ogre unit who only manage...1 in return! The Slaughtermaster steps up to show how it's done and tears 2 apart. Ogres lose combat and on a Steadfast 8, manage a double 6! The flee 10"...and the lone Swordmaster champion pursue 11"

The Eagle on the left manages to kill a whole Leadbelcher this turn (3 wounds) for no loss but they hold and this turn manage to reform!

Turn 3 - High Elves
Having enterd the forest the previous turn and revealed it's Stupidity rules, the White Lions manage to come to their senses.

Charges - As if to piss on the ogre player even more, the WL and PG both charge the front. Both make it and the PG unit clips both! The Dragon Princes manage a seemingly impossible charge to get in the flank of the Leadbelchers.

The Dragon Princes still at the top charge their former foes, the MFC to try and finish them off!

Magic - 10/6 +3 BoS (capped 12/6)
Shield of Thorns cast with IF on the Dragon Princes. Am rolls 9 on the Miscast table and take another wound. This is countered by teh spell healing the wound cast last time...-4PD are also lost!

Flesh to Stone cast on the Dragon Princes.

(Ed: I then forgot to actually roll the damage for SoT!)

Shooting - No targets!

Combat - In the massive combat, the Dragon Princes cause 2 wounds on the Leadbelchers, the White Lions cause 12 and the left column of the Pheonix Guard manage another 1. The main body of the PG manage just one wound on the IB

They suffer...0 casualties...

Ironblaster and lone Leadbelcher flee off the table!

In the Mournfang combat, the Dragon Princes manage 2 wounds on the MFC who, thanks to Flesh to Stone, only cause 1 in return and lose combat. The MFC flee 9" and once again, the Dragon Princes decide to congratulate themselves in a haughty elf fashion and forget to pursue ( know...only pursue 5")

The Leadbelchers in the middle manage to snuff the Eagle for loss of a wound.

Turn 3 - Ogres

 With the table looking like this, the ogres throw in the towel leaving me pondering on the biggest massacre i've ever experienced with High Elves. I've heard of such massacres with Shadow...or Teclis, but considering i barely used any of my shooting and didn't cast Dwelleres wow! Brutal!

The Ogres did have a share of crap luck. The High ELves charge ranges were incredibly high every time and i dont think there's any unit in the game that can take a triple High Elf Elite charge and survive!

Ironblasters are very weak against High Elves if used as cannons!

All that being said, i'm not a huge fan of the random deployment scenario as it takes away one of my favourite part of the game - deployment tactics - the game within a game!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Scenario 1 - "Battleline" - 2400pts (HE Vs OK)

The High Elves Swordmasters (SM) deployed with 2 Eagles guarding them behind the Temple of Skulls to try and cover from the inevitable Mournfang (MFC) charge. The Spears were close hoping to absorb some damage from one of the Ogre lethal combat block whilst either the SM or a unit of Dragon princes behind them could perhaps get the flank.

A unit of Archers on each flank of the Pheonix Guard (PG) guarded the centre of the battlefield whilst the White Lions took advantage of their Woodman rule to deploy in the Wood and avoid costly shooting death if the Ogres got first turn.

2 Eagles and a second unit of Dragon Princes rounded off Deployment by staking a fast moving claim to the High Elves left flank.

Ogres deployed the MFC with a view to chewing anything up really! An Ironblaster next to it was their for not only shooting cover, but for flanking support/protection if needed. The first Leadbelchers unit deployed ready to garrison the Wizards tower on the first turn.

IIn the centre, a line of Gnoblar Trappers protected the main units; The Slaughermaster going in the Ogres and the BSB in the Ironguts (IG)

On the hill (Scree Slope) on the right, a second Leadbelcher unit, guarded by more Trappers set up with another Ironblaster ready to counter-charge.

The Lifemage got Shield of Thorns (SoT), Flesh to Stone (F2S), Regrowth and Dwellers
The Slaughtermaster (SLMa) got Bullgorger (+1S), Braingobbler (Panic), Trollguts (Regen) and Maw

Turn 1 - High Elves

With Eagles moving to block charges or present shooting annoyances, there wasn't much more to do but move forward with the battleplan of hoping the PG and Spears could take a charge whilst my hitters went for the juicy flanks. The White Lions rolled for the wood and it was a normal wood!

Magic - 5/3 +2PD thanks to Banner of Sorcery (BoS)
FF2S on Spearmen was dispelled, Dwellers failed ot cast.

Shooting - The Archmages (AM)'s Archer unit and the RBT kill 7 of those pesky Gnoblars but the buggers stand their ground annoyingly! Other unit of archers take hopeful shots at the IB but for nothing.

Turn 1 - Ogres
Charges - The MFC charge the Spears who i stupidly held thinking they could take it and my SM would lap it up in their flank next turn...

Elsewhere - The LB's move into the building.

Magic - 10/6 becomes 9/7 after Annulian Crystal (AC)
Maw cast with IF on PG, Scatters harmlessly away from unit but causes a dimensional cascade which takes 4 wounds of the Ogre unit and one off the SLMa himself. He manages to avoid the total peril of the warp and recovers the wound due to the lore attribute.

Shooting - IB2 kills 2 White Lions (WL) after undershooting. IB1 misfires (something which becomes a staple of this entire series it would seem...) and can't shooting this or next turn. The LB's on the hill reduce and eagle to 4 feather and a toenail. The LB's in the building, having found big enough holes for their cannons, take out 5 SM on the hill (who stick around!)

Combat - Oh. Dear. God. The MFC kill 2 with impact hits and receive no wounds from the measly S3 spears. The Ogres then kill 6, The Rhinox kill 11 and stomps kill 4. The leftovers are savagely cut down as the MFC over-run 10" into my Dragon Princes - god damn!

Turn 2 - High Elves
Charges - The Eagle on the Right flank charges the rear of the Ironblaster but the SM fail their charge into the flank. The Eagle deeper in HE territory flanks the MFC. The Pheonix Guard, in what was a very ambitious move make the charge on the Slaughtermaster's Ogre unit.

Realising i may need some Eagle support in the centre i move my eagle on the left flank nearer...

Magic - 6/4 +1 BoS
Shield of Thirns cast on DP unit in combat with MFC. F2S dispelled (crap-rags!). SoT does 2 wounds to the MFC in a suprising but not ungrateful way!

Shooting - The AM's archers finish off the Gnoblars in the centre (w00t - 50pts in the bag.../sigh) The RBT manages, get this, 5 wounds on the IG unit. Other archers manage to get a cheeky wound on the LB unit in the wizards tower.

Combat - MFC get 4D3 impact hits yeah...roll...get 12 hits. Kill every single damn Dragon Prince from impact hits alone...WTF?! Eagle does jack shit and flees. MFC reform to face their own lines.
I've gotta say, it wasn't looking promising form a High Elf viewpoint at this stage...
The Eagle in combat with the IB takes a wound fromt he Leadbelcher riding it, but manages to win through combat res and chases the damn thing down - GET IN!
The PG manage 4 wounds on the SlMa's Ogre unit for a loss of 4, but win combat by 3. Ogres flee 8 (even with BSB!), PG flee...7"...Damn. Still, things just started looking a little rosier!

Turn 2 - Ogres
Charges - Ogre unit fails to rally - then only flees 2" - bugger! MFC charge the SM who leg it like hell and they fail to catch 'em!

Magic - None - Slaughtermaster is fleeing

Shooting - LB's in the wizards tower kill 6 PG and cause them to flee 6". The LB's on the hill reduce another eagle to pidgeon fodder.

All in all a rather dissapointing turn for the Ogres but with a barely scratched MFC unit and IG still roaming round the table its looking pretty good for them!

Turn 3 - High Elves
Movement - SM rally and march back 6" (ed: i later realise i shouldn't have been able to march after reforming but as you'll see, it didn't affect jack). PG rally and reform to dangerous face the rear of the IG unit. The AM's unit moves ot within 12" of the IG time!

Magic - wait for it... Snake Eyes...with +1 from 3/1
Dwellers...aimed at the IG unit. Rolls the 3 dice...6, 4...6...GET IN!

...Then i realise the damn runemaw banner was there...and so it got bounced to the LB unit in the wizards tower who lose 2 of thier number (ed: I again, now realise this was not possible as it can only be re-assigned ot within the original limitations of the spell, and since i was within 12" of the IG, i would've had to chose another unit within 12" which the LB were not! - ah well!)

Shooting - Naff' All!

Turn 3 - Ogres
Charges - SLMa's Ogres rally behind the PG (So damn close dammit!). MFC charge Eagle who i elect to hold as he could have just redirected into my SM. IG charge White Lions (Finally - i get to see what these guys can do!)

Magic - 6/6 (After AC) - but nothing cast die to either range or availability!

Shooting - LB on the hill kill another Eagle (These guys definately need eagle feather modelling on them!) The LB;s in the tower chip off another few PG but not enough to make em run this time!

Combat - Eagle dies to impact hits alone and the MFC reform to face the SM - great!
The Ig kill 2 WL with impact hits. The White Lions then do 10 wounds back! Nice!!. When the ogres do strike, they kill 2, the BSB kills 3 and stomps kill 2 more. WL win combat by 2 but everything hold!

Turn 4 - High Elves
Charges - The PG charge the rear of the BSB and IG unit. The SM and Eagle charge the MFC unit. The Pg unit on the left flank charge the gnoblar trappers.

Magic - 3/2 + 3 from BoS (6/2)
Regrowth cast on WL unit. Grows back 3 models. Wizard loses a level and that spell due to miscast!

Shooting RBT puts 2 wounds on LB in tower and Archers add another. The buggers hold though!

Combat - DP on left flank run down Gnoblars after losing 2 to the damn traps! Over-run into the Ironblaster though which is nice!
WL and PG combine to Slaughter the BSB and IG unit for no losses on each.
The SM finally manage to kill 2 whole MFC models...before them, and the Eagle get shit-holed by the flame breath of the - i'd forgotten about that part...

Turn 4 - Ogres
Not much to report here as the battle starts wrapping up...

The Slaughtermaster, having moved to within 3" of the tower to get the Bonecrusher spells, casts it at the AM's archer unit and suffers a wound!

The LB's on the hill move forward (finally) and kill 4 WL and the sole survivor legs it!

The Dragon Princes win combat against the Ironblaster and run it down!

Turn 5 - High Elves
Hellheart released in the magic phase which cause the AM to drop another wizard leve and forget Dwellers.

Shooting puts a wound on the large unit of Leadbelchers and a wound on the MFC

Combat sees the PG winning combat and reforming as the Slaughtermaster and his unit peg it off the board! (Hurrah - finally)

Turn 5 - Ogres
MFC charge and wipe out the Archers (took a pursue to do it mind!)

Turn 6 - High Elves
Readying for the inevitable Leadbelcher charge, i cast Flesh to Stone on my archer unit - with Irresistable force...Kills a couple of em and puts a wound on the AM himself!

PG, having charged the building, win combat and drive them out which i played as backing them against the door which they entered and the rolling the distance...happened to mean they fled the board...oh well...

Turn 6 - Ogres
Leadbelchers choose to shoot instead of charge - wipe out the archers unit but AM survives (rather crucially!)

 MFC charge and decimate the RBT

End Game Result - High Elves victory by a mere 189 points!
Well that was bloody BRUTAL!

Gotta say i'm impressed with WL's. Their damage output against the right opponent was amazing! Shame the SM went against the MFC but someone had to. Really did think the Spears would survive ONE round. lesson learnt - MFC are frickin Brutal.

Incase you weren't aware, the Dragonhide Banenr which they have allows you to re-roll all 1's to hit, to wound and armour saves on the turn they's also a S3 Breath weapon too! When they have a 2+ armour save as standard, the Spears never had a chance...think i'll be fleeing next time!

I never fail to be impressed with Leadbelchers either...

High Elves Vs Ogre Kingdoms Battle Season Intro

My god has it been ages since i updated - OCTOBER! Sheesh!

Well, Christmas has been and gone and left me with a Slaughtermaster, pack of Mournfacng Cavalry and an Ironblaster for my Ogre army. I then treated myself on my birthday to 2 packs of Pheonix Guard for the High Elves army.

Well, the bread and butter of this post is that i've created 2 2400 lists for each of my main armies with the intention of perhaps going to a tournament later in the year (i'm not exactlyt a competetive player). SO, with the lack of knowledge that i have, i decided that the best way to gain a better understanding of these lists was to play them against each other.

Starting with the next post then, which will be Scenario #1 - Battleline, i'll be going through the 6 scenarios in the Little BRB.

As my board is still MDF and using paper for scenary i've forgone with the usual photos and just used a free program called "Battle Chronicler"

Meet the Armies - "High Elves"

L4 Archmage (Life) w/ Annulian Crystal - 300

14 Archers w/ Banner of Eternal Flame - 174
13 Archers - 143
30 Spears w/ FC - 295

20 Pheonix Guard w/ FC and Banner of Sorcery - 380
5 Dragon Princes - 150
5 Dragon Princes - 150
14 Swordmasters w/ FC, Banner of Swiftness and Ironcurse Icon - 260 
14 White Lions w/ FC and Other Tricksters Shard - 245

RBT - 100
4 Eagles 200

Meet the Armies: "Ogre Kingdoms"

L4 Slaughtermaster (Great Maw) w/ Hellheart, Greedy Fist and Ironfist - 378

Bruiser BSB w/ Runemaw Banner and Ironfist - 194

7 Ironguts w/ FC and Banner of Eternal Flame - 341
5 Ogres w/ FC and Ironfists - 190
10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50
10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50

6 Leadbelchers - 258
6 Leadbelchers - 258
4 Mounfang Cavalry w/ Stnd Bearer, Dragonhide Banner, HA and Ironfists - 340

2 Ironblasters - 340