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Scenario 3 - "Battle for the Pass" - 2400pts (HE V OK)

Ogres on the left from top to bottom: The first ironblaster protects a flank next to what will prove an important "Altar of Khaine". 2 Leadbelcher units and the Ironguts (with the BSB) line up in the centre infront of a Mysterious Wood with both Gnoblar Trapper units 10 wide apiece protecting them.

The Ogre Bull unit (with the Slaughtermaster) hide behind another Mysterious Wood, while the Mournfang (still shown with incorrect base size!) and the final Ironblaster take the right flank.

The High Elves on the right from top to bottom: 2 Eagles and a unit of Dragon Princes take the right flank. The White Lions deploy in a forest hoping to utilise their Forest Strider rule to quickly advance down the field under the cover from the pesky Leadbelcher opposite!

The big blocks of 20 Pheonix Guard and 30 Spears make up the centre line with the Swordmasters to their left. Behind are both units of archers, one of which bunkers the Archmage.

Taking the left flank for the High Elves are 2 more eagles and another unit of Dragon Princes with the RBT deployed well back looking at some good targets (namely the Mournfang!)

Level 4 (Life) Archmage:
1) Flesh to Stone (F2S)
2) Throne of Vines (ToV)
3) Regrowth (RG)
4) Dwellers

Level 4 (Maw) Slaughtermaster
1) Toothcracker
2) Trollguts
3) Maw
4) I forget but it never came into play...

Turn 1
The White Lions roll for the wood they deployed in and move on, safe in the knowledge it's a mere wood. They manouvre as planned into the next, which is discovered to be a venemous thicket. The Swordmasters move into the lower wood which turns out to be an Abyssal Wood which causes fear - this could prove handy!! The Archmage's archer unit moves into the building for extra security. Eagles move for redirect duty!

Magic - 9/6 +2 Banner of Sorcery (BoS)
Throne of Vines (ToV) cast. Flesh to Stone (F2S) (+4T) cast on the spearmen. I reckon they'll get whittled down by the Leadbelchers pretty quick without as the Ogres can wither shoot my elite units in the woods but suffer horrible penalties to hit, shoot the Pheonix Guard with their 4+ ward or them. This should now make target choosing an issue!

RBT puts a wound on the Mournfang. Archers attempt to kill the Gnoblars which will cause so much annoyance but can only manage 2!

Turn 1: Ogres
Yeah...first turn charges - totally forgot about the damn altar when deploying...

The Ironblaster fails the Frenzy check...and proceeds to fail it's charge too! The Leadbelchers and Gnoblars pass theirs though and set up position to cause havoc. The SLaughtermaster marches out the Ogres as i realise there's more than enough bodies around to protect him - i also want to make more use of his bubble casting ability!

Sensing the opportunity to take out teh Swordmasters at such an early stage, thre Mournfang proceed to...fluff their roll...gits!

Magic 1/1 > 0/2 After Annulian Crystal (AC)
Let it be known as the most underwhelming first turn magic phase EVER!

The right flank Ironblaster misfires (4) and can't shoot next turn!
The Leadbelchers at the top kill an eagle whilst the central Leadbelchers kill 3 Pheonix Guard

Turn 2: High Elves
Dragon Princes at the top charge the Ironblaster.
White Lions fail against Leadbelchers at the top - gutted!
Swordmasters fail against Mournfang at the bottom - really gutted!
Eagle on left flank flys to protect the Swordmasters, whilst the Eagle at the top fly behind the Orinblaster to ensure that it bounces off the board if it breaks!

Magic - 10/6 +3 BoS (capped at 12/6)
F2S (+4T) cast on Spears w/ Irresistable FOrce - Ignored due to ToV.
Regrowth on PG dispelled.

RBT puts another wound on Mournfang - happy with this, keep chippin' away!
Archers kill 2 more Gnoblars but the buggers pass their panic check!

The Dragon Princes - courtesy of Frenzy from the Altar, proceed to annihilate the Ironblaster

Turn 2: Ogres
With no option remaining and no Leaddies around, the Mournfang charge the Eagle. Not wanting them to be able to redirect, it holds!
TheOgre Bull unit fails to charge the Swordmasters in the wood! this wood certainly must cause fear as everyone seems chicken shit to go near it!
The Leaddies and Gnoblars at the top manage to restrain and so the Gnoblar move into what i like ot call "the annoying prick" position...

Magic - 3/2 > 2/3 (After AC)
With nothing to go on...again...Ogres choose to dispel Throne of Vines.

Leadbelchers at the top kill 3 Dragon Princes who hold.
The central Leadbelchers kill 6 Pheonix Guard
Ironblaster can't shoot due to misfire in previous turn.

Mournfang do 2 impact wounds to the eagle who does a mighty one back (enough to finish off a model!) before being absolutley massacred!

Turn 3: High Elves
White Lions and Dragon Princes charge front of Leadbelcher unit at top, Eagle flanks the side
Swordmasters charge through woods at Mournfang.
Dragon Princes at bottom charge Ironblaster whilst Eagle charges rear!

Looking pretty good for the High ELves right now i'm thinking!

Magic - 9/5 +2 (BoS)
ToV Dispelled, Regrowth Dispelled.
Dwellers kills 3 Leadbelchers.

...absolutely nowt!!

In the combat at the top, the Dragon Princes manage 2 wounds, White Lions do 10!...Eagle nothing! The Leadbelchers respond by killing 4 White Lions including stomps. Leadbelchers flee 8", thinking the DP will be enough to run them down, i reform with the Eagle and the White Lions...only for the bloomin' Dragon Princes to pursue 4"

The Dragon Princes at the bottom only do 1 wound, the Eagle does nothing. Ironblaster loses and flees 11"...once again, the Dragon Princes only pursue 7" - what the hell did they feed the horses pre-battle???

The Swordmaster manage 5 wounds on the Mournfang but lose 10 in retaliation! They manage to hold on a 5!

Turn 3: Ogres
The Ironblaster rallies and turns to fire at the unsuspecting pursuing Dragon Princes.
Leadbelchers rally and move to the left slightly.

Magic 5/4 > 4/5 (AC)
Finally - dice!!! Bubble Toothcracker (+1T) is cast! A spell! I cast a spell!!!!

the newly rallied Leadbelchers kill the remaining Dragon Princes.
The central Leadbelchers kill...1 Dragon Princes
The newly rallied Ironblaster....misfires...again...rolls a 6 and turns to show it's flank to the Dragon!

Swordmasters do 5 wounds on the Mournfang but are wiped out in return!

Turn 4: High Elves

The Spearmen charge the Gnoblar Trappers...and lose NINE...and FLEE!! Well, i guess the Ogres deserved some luck!

The Pheonix Guard charge the other trappers and lose 3 to their traps!
The White Lions and Eagle charge the Ironguts unit (with the BSB)

Eagle at the bottom charged the Mournfang

Magic 7/5 +2 (BoS)
Hellheart is revealed but the Ogre player rolls a 2! - Does nowt!
ToV is dispelled. Regrowth goes through and heals 4 Pheonix Guard.
Flesh to Stone goes through on the White Lions for a +2 Toughness!

Archers kill 3 Gnoblars - we'll get there eventually!
2nd archer unit manages 2 on the Slaughtermaster.

Eagle at the bottom gets swatted away by the Mournfang rider - not really sure why i thought that was a good idea?
Dragon Princes manage a single wound on the Ironblaster, win combat and chase it down 9"!
Pheonix Guard cause 7 wounds on the Gnoblars for no loss and wouldn't you believe it, hold on snake eyes!!
White Lions cause 5 wounds, Ironguts cause 5 back and the BSB causes 1. White Lions hold.

Turn 4: Ogres 
Ogre Bulls charge the Archmages archer unit which flees 6", but die to terrain and other units, bounce to nearly the table edge. The Ogres redirect into the other archer unit.
The central Leadbelchers charge the flank of the Pheonix Guard.

Magic 10/6 > 9/7 (AC) then 10/7 (Channelling)
Bugger me look at all them dice!
Bubble Toothcracker get 5 dice dispelled!
Trollguts then casts with Irresistable Force (7) and so affects nothing!

Shooting - nowt!

White Lions cause 3 wounds, Eagle 1. Ironguts kill 4 white lions and overrun!
Pheonix Guard kill the remaining gnoblars but take a wound from the Leadbelchers. LB lose combat and the PG reform to face them!
Ogre Bulls kill 2 archers from impact hits, receive 2 wounds from the ASF archers before kill 4. Archers flee ^2 to the Ogre pursuit of 5"

Turn 5: High Elves

Everything fleeing rallied!

Magic - 12/6
ToV cast. Flesh to Stone (+4T) cast on archers. Dwellers on Ogre unit dispelled.

The last Mournfang saves the S6 shot from the RBT!!

The White Lions fail to wound the Leadbelchers who still have Regen from the previous Ogre turn. The Leadbelchers kill 2, win combat but the White Lions flee through the woods whilst the Leadies stay on the edge lining up their shots for next turn!

Turn 5: Ogre
Ogre Bull unit charge back into the archers hoping to finish them off  forgetting they've got F2S +4T!

Magic 6/6 (after AC)
Toothcracker dispelled. Last ditch Maw aimed at teh archmage in the building but it fails ot cast!

Leadbelchers only manage to kill 3 spearmen!
Ogres do nothing from impact hits on T7 archers. The archers manage 2 more wounds on the Ogres and receive no loss, winning by one. Ogres break and get run down 9"...into the Slaughtermaster!!!
Turn 6: High Elves
 The Pheonix Guard thankfully rally.

Magic 5/4
Flesh to stone (+4T) on Archers

RBT finally finishes off the Mournfang - some games this really pays off for itself!
Archers couldn't wound the Slaughtermaster , however he couldn't wound them....loses...and gets run down!

Turn 6: Ogre
In a last ditch attempt to claim points, the 2 leadbelchers near the altar fire at the Dragon Princes, but fail to wound! Worse still, the Other Leadbelchers fail to wound the Spearmen (Toughtness buff'd!)
End of Game
High Elves score: 1133
Ogres Score: 905
High Elves win by 228 (9.5% voctory margin)

As this is within 10% of the game (2400), i consider it a draw.

Final Thoughts
I generally hate this scenario as it can really benefit some armies more than others (Skaven i'm looking at you!). This was a fun game though. One in which the RBT paid for itself several times over with just 3 critical wounds on the Mournfang.
The Ogres magic was utter WOEFUL! If tehy'd got more PD in the first few turns it might have swayed it much more!

I've actually played the forth game in this series and will hopefully be typing it up this weekend!

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