Tuesday, 3 January 2012

High Elves Vs Ogre Kingdoms Battle Season Intro

My god has it been ages since i updated - OCTOBER! Sheesh!

Well, Christmas has been and gone and left me with a Slaughtermaster, pack of Mournfacng Cavalry and an Ironblaster for my Ogre army. I then treated myself on my birthday to 2 packs of Pheonix Guard for the High Elves army.

Well, the bread and butter of this post is that i've created 2 2400 lists for each of my main armies with the intention of perhaps going to a tournament later in the year (i'm not exactlyt a competetive player). SO, with the lack of knowledge that i have, i decided that the best way to gain a better understanding of these lists was to play them against each other.

Starting with the next post then, which will be Scenario #1 - Battleline, i'll be going through the 6 scenarios in the Little BRB.

As my board is still MDF and using paper for scenary i've forgone with the usual photos and just used a free program called "Battle Chronicler"

Meet the Armies - "High Elves"

L4 Archmage (Life) w/ Annulian Crystal - 300

14 Archers w/ Banner of Eternal Flame - 174
13 Archers - 143
30 Spears w/ FC - 295

20 Pheonix Guard w/ FC and Banner of Sorcery - 380
5 Dragon Princes - 150
5 Dragon Princes - 150
14 Swordmasters w/ FC, Banner of Swiftness and Ironcurse Icon - 260 
14 White Lions w/ FC and Other Tricksters Shard - 245

RBT - 100
4 Eagles 200

Meet the Armies: "Ogre Kingdoms"

L4 Slaughtermaster (Great Maw) w/ Hellheart, Greedy Fist and Ironfist - 378

Bruiser BSB w/ Runemaw Banner and Ironfist - 194

7 Ironguts w/ FC and Banner of Eternal Flame - 341
5 Ogres w/ FC and Ironfists - 190
10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50
10 Gnoblar Trappers - 50

6 Leadbelchers - 258
6 Leadbelchers - 258
4 Mounfang Cavalry w/ Stnd Bearer, Dragonhide Banner, HA and Ironfists - 340

2 Ironblasters - 340

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