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Scenario 1 - "Battleline" - 2400pts (HE Vs OK)

The High Elves Swordmasters (SM) deployed with 2 Eagles guarding them behind the Temple of Skulls to try and cover from the inevitable Mournfang (MFC) charge. The Spears were close hoping to absorb some damage from one of the Ogre lethal combat block whilst either the SM or a unit of Dragon princes behind them could perhaps get the flank.

A unit of Archers on each flank of the Pheonix Guard (PG) guarded the centre of the battlefield whilst the White Lions took advantage of their Woodman rule to deploy in the Wood and avoid costly shooting death if the Ogres got first turn.

2 Eagles and a second unit of Dragon Princes rounded off Deployment by staking a fast moving claim to the High Elves left flank.

Ogres deployed the MFC with a view to chewing anything up really! An Ironblaster next to it was their for not only shooting cover, but for flanking support/protection if needed. The first Leadbelchers unit deployed ready to garrison the Wizards tower on the first turn.

IIn the centre, a line of Gnoblar Trappers protected the main units; The Slaughermaster going in the Ogres and the BSB in the Ironguts (IG)

On the hill (Scree Slope) on the right, a second Leadbelcher unit, guarded by more Trappers set up with another Ironblaster ready to counter-charge.

The Lifemage got Shield of Thorns (SoT), Flesh to Stone (F2S), Regrowth and Dwellers
The Slaughtermaster (SLMa) got Bullgorger (+1S), Braingobbler (Panic), Trollguts (Regen) and Maw

Turn 1 - High Elves

With Eagles moving to block charges or present shooting annoyances, there wasn't much more to do but move forward with the battleplan of hoping the PG and Spears could take a charge whilst my hitters went for the juicy flanks. The White Lions rolled for the wood and it was a normal wood!

Magic - 5/3 +2PD thanks to Banner of Sorcery (BoS)
FF2S on Spearmen was dispelled, Dwellers failed ot cast.

Shooting - The Archmages (AM)'s Archer unit and the RBT kill 7 of those pesky Gnoblars but the buggers stand their ground annoyingly! Other unit of archers take hopeful shots at the IB but for nothing.

Turn 1 - Ogres
Charges - The MFC charge the Spears who i stupidly held thinking they could take it and my SM would lap it up in their flank next turn...

Elsewhere - The LB's move into the building.

Magic - 10/6 becomes 9/7 after Annulian Crystal (AC)
Maw cast with IF on PG, Scatters harmlessly away from unit but causes a dimensional cascade which takes 4 wounds of the Ogre unit and one off the SLMa himself. He manages to avoid the total peril of the warp and recovers the wound due to the lore attribute.

Shooting - IB2 kills 2 White Lions (WL) after undershooting. IB1 misfires (something which becomes a staple of this entire series it would seem...) and can't shooting this or next turn. The LB's on the hill reduce and eagle to 4 feather and a toenail. The LB's in the building, having found big enough holes for their cannons, take out 5 SM on the hill (who stick around!)

Combat - Oh. Dear. God. The MFC kill 2 with impact hits and receive no wounds from the measly S3 spears. The Ogres then kill 6, The Rhinox kill 11 and stomps kill 4. The leftovers are savagely cut down as the MFC over-run 10" into my Dragon Princes - god damn!

Turn 2 - High Elves
Charges - The Eagle on the Right flank charges the rear of the Ironblaster but the SM fail their charge into the flank. The Eagle deeper in HE territory flanks the MFC. The Pheonix Guard, in what was a very ambitious move make the charge on the Slaughtermaster's Ogre unit.

Realising i may need some Eagle support in the centre i move my eagle on the left flank nearer...

Magic - 6/4 +1 BoS
Shield of Thirns cast on DP unit in combat with MFC. F2S dispelled (crap-rags!). SoT does 2 wounds to the MFC in a suprising but not ungrateful way!

Shooting - The AM's archers finish off the Gnoblars in the centre (w00t - 50pts in the bag.../sigh) The RBT manages, get this, 5 wounds on the IG unit. Other archers manage to get a cheeky wound on the LB unit in the wizards tower.

Combat - MFC get 4D3 impact hits yeah...roll...get 12 hits. Kill every single damn Dragon Prince from impact hits alone...WTF?! Eagle does jack shit and flees. MFC reform to face their own lines.
I've gotta say, it wasn't looking promising form a High Elf viewpoint at this stage...
The Eagle in combat with the IB takes a wound fromt he Leadbelcher riding it, but manages to win through combat res and chases the damn thing down - GET IN!
The PG manage 4 wounds on the SlMa's Ogre unit for a loss of 4, but win combat by 3. Ogres flee 8 (even with BSB!), PG flee...7"...Damn. Still, things just started looking a little rosier!

Turn 2 - Ogres
Charges - Ogre unit fails to rally - then only flees 2" - bugger! MFC charge the SM who leg it like hell and they fail to catch 'em!

Magic - None - Slaughtermaster is fleeing

Shooting - LB's in the wizards tower kill 6 PG and cause them to flee 6". The LB's on the hill reduce another eagle to pidgeon fodder.

All in all a rather dissapointing turn for the Ogres but with a barely scratched MFC unit and IG still roaming round the table its looking pretty good for them!

Turn 3 - High Elves
Movement - SM rally and march back 6" (ed: i later realise i shouldn't have been able to march after reforming but as you'll see, it didn't affect jack). PG rally and reform to dangerous face the rear of the IG unit. The AM's unit moves ot within 12" of the IG unit...party time!

Magic - wait for it... Snake Eyes...with +1 from BoS...so 3/1
Dwellers...aimed at the IG unit. Rolls the 3 dice...6, 4...6...GET IN!

...Then i realise the damn runemaw banner was there...and so it got bounced to the LB unit in the wizards tower who lose 2 of thier number (ed: I again, now realise this was not possible as it can only be re-assigned ot within the original limitations of the spell, and since i was within 12" of the IG, i would've had to chose another unit within 12" which the LB were not! - ah well!)

Shooting - Naff' All!

Turn 3 - Ogres
Charges - SLMa's Ogres rally behind the PG (So damn close dammit!). MFC charge Eagle who i elect to hold as he could have just redirected into my SM. IG charge White Lions (Finally - i get to see what these guys can do!)

Magic - 6/6 (After AC) - but nothing cast die to either range or availability!

Shooting - LB on the hill kill another Eagle (These guys definately need eagle feather modelling on them!) The LB;s in the tower chip off another few PG but not enough to make em run this time!

Combat - Eagle dies to impact hits alone and the MFC reform to face the SM - great!
The Ig kill 2 WL with impact hits. The White Lions then do 10 wounds back! Nice!!. When the ogres do strike, they kill 2, the BSB kills 3 and stomps kill 2 more. WL win combat by 2 but everything hold!

Turn 4 - High Elves
Charges - The PG charge the rear of the BSB and IG unit. The SM and Eagle charge the MFC unit. The Pg unit on the left flank charge the gnoblar trappers.

Magic - 3/2 + 3 from BoS (6/2)
Regrowth cast on WL unit. Grows back 3 models. Wizard loses a level and that spell due to miscast!

Shooting RBT puts 2 wounds on LB in tower and Archers add another. The buggers hold though!

Combat - DP on left flank run down Gnoblars after losing 2 to the damn traps! Over-run into the Ironblaster though which is nice!
WL and PG combine to Slaughter the BSB and IG unit for no losses on each.
The SM finally manage to kill 2 whole MFC models...before them, and the Eagle get shit-holed by the flame breath of the banner...joy - i'd forgotten about that part...

Turn 4 - Ogres
Not much to report here as the battle starts wrapping up...

The Slaughtermaster, having moved to within 3" of the tower to get the Bonecrusher spells, casts it at the AM's archer unit and suffers a wound!

The LB's on the hill move forward (finally) and kill 4 WL and the sole survivor legs it!

The Dragon Princes win combat against the Ironblaster and run it down!

Turn 5 - High Elves
Hellheart released in the magic phase which cause the AM to drop another wizard leve and forget Dwellers.

Shooting puts a wound on the large unit of Leadbelchers and a wound on the MFC

Combat sees the PG winning combat and reforming as the Slaughtermaster and his unit peg it off the board! (Hurrah - finally)

Turn 5 - Ogres
MFC charge and wipe out the Archers (took a pursue to do it mind!)

Turn 6 - High Elves
Readying for the inevitable Leadbelcher charge, i cast Flesh to Stone on my archer unit - with Irresistable force...Kills a couple of em and puts a wound on the AM himself!

PG, having charged the building, win combat and drive them out which i played as backing them against the door which they entered and the rolling the distance...happened to mean they fled the board...oh well...

Turn 6 - Ogres
Leadbelchers choose to shoot instead of charge - wipe out the archers unit but AM survives (rather crucially!)

 MFC charge and decimate the RBT

End Game Result - High Elves victory by a mere 189 points!
Well that was bloody BRUTAL!

Gotta say i'm impressed with WL's. Their damage output against the right opponent was amazing! Shame the SM went against the MFC but someone had to. Really did think the Spears would survive ONE round. lesson learnt - MFC are frickin Brutal.

Incase you weren't aware, the Dragonhide Banenr which they have allows you to re-roll all 1's to hit, to wound and armour saves on the turn they charge...it's also a S3 Breath weapon too! When they have a 2+ armour save as standard, the Spears never had a chance...think i'll be fleeing next time!

I never fail to be impressed with Leadbelchers either...

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