Sunday, 28 August 2011

Games, games, games

So i've once again neglected my painting duties (almost thankfully). I have at least started the rider and they're at the wash stage and may get finished after the Belgian GP today!

In the meantime i've been playing games with my 1500 Cavalry list. I got spanked by Warriors of Chaos, Skaven and Dark Elves and realised that the Silver Helm bus is too much too soon (at 1500) and so have had a couple of revisions to my army list which means i wont be painting these for a while and will be painting some of the older stuff

Had a recent 1000pt game against Lizardmen which was fun and ended up being a total gore fest as both sides ripped chunks from each other...

I've even been proxying with Bretonnians and found out just how bad a Lizardman priest with cupped hands can be on the first turn when they get chain lightning!

So, lessons learnt recently:

1) I've been using the Seerstaff wrong - when choosing my spells, i have to do it at the army comp stage - this means i wont be using it anymore as i did think it was a rather useful tactical edge to be able to choose spells tailored to an army rather than further limit yourself!

2) Probably need a feedback scroll against lizzies! But cant be bothered to find the points. Definately need to find some ward save protection for my mage!

3) Chaos are slow and quite easily dealt with when you can easily outmanouvre their 4" move....when they suddenly get a mage on a disc who can fly around 20" and nuke your swordmasters on turn 1 with i have to look at them in a totally different light...

4) The silver helm bus is only a support unit! Despite it's size! i would look at this big block and think"yeah - thats gonna cause some trouble" when really - only the BSB ever did the majoy damage! And skaven armour negating weaponry really fucking hurts!

5) Tasting my own medicine - flying re-directors SUCK when they're not my eagles!! :-)

Unitl next time...


  1. Do you have an idea of what was in the lists you played?

  2. Hi,

    The WoC is my regular opponent and now runs the Sorc on a disc with all the ward save trimmings, a couple of MoK Warriors units with Halberds or extra hand weapons, a 30-40 strong GW MoK mauraders and a unit of Nurgle Knights which have a banner that causes a T test on everything in base contact before i even get to roll...which really hurts against Dragon Princes - i lost 2!!

    Skaven, is the same player and runs a tooled up Grey Seer, Doomwheel, Warp Lighting Cannon, a couple of wind mortars and enough clan rats and slaves to be more than an annoyance! It used to be his shooting that caused me grief, but since he upped to a Grey Seer i really have to worry about the magic side now too!

    Dark Elves - this was a game down at my local gaming club and had the usual couple of units of Xbows, hydra, harpies, Spears but had 2 units of 4 Black guard which were hideous to shift! (being unbreakable!)

    Lizzies - this is a mate who's just got into it and as such only play at 1k. He has a couple of skink priests well equipped, a block of saurus witha super choppy Old one leading them and then either 2 salamanders or one and a unit of terradons!