Friday, 3 June 2011

Spears at the ready!

Wow - ir's been ages since i've posted (a month and a half?!) A lot has happened in that time, unfortunately nothing to do with Warhammer hence the lack of updates!

So it's taken me that long to paint up my next squad! I also managed to get my first game in at my local GW which, rather than create an entire post for it as originally intended, can be summed up with me reworking the entire army list. Couldn't really expect anything better when you're making army lists from the models you've got as opposed ot the models you want.

So anyway...the they're core, i didn't want to go all bells and whistles on them, foolishly thinking that if i kept the gold out and limited them to purely Blue, White and Mail, then this would make painting them much quicker and i'd again foolishly chosen to paint them all at once.

Ah well. Here's a few pictures of the base colours:
I swear, it took about two weeks alone for me to bring myself to apply 20 coats of silver on these! It's SO depressing!! Once the Mordian Blue and Grey were applied i felt a littel better!
Heres the washes:

As always, i feel the washes add more detail and i always kid myself that i'm halfway there. Like the LSG i was going to have to get to grips with painting more white than i'm used to which i'm gonna have to get good at in time for the Archers which are basically wearing all white...

I quit elike how the detailing on the shield and the blue trim has come out on these models. I think i've stepped up (ever so slightly) on my painting of skin on these too (whihc still sucks but meh!) by merely adding a few layers.

To do the skin i now bases with Tallarn Flesh, wash with a heavily watered down chestnut ink, then layer up from pure tallarn to elf. I reckon on character models i'll layer it better, but i kept telling myself "These are only core troops - dont spend too much time on them"

Which brings me to today...all i can say is thank fuck it's half term! I thought it would take me a couple of hours tops to finish off the white, add the gems and base them, and even with the help of the entire Queen Discography playing in the stook most my day.

So here's the finished articles. i'm quite pleased. I reckon next up will be something smaller like the RBT or the Chariot...but the Lion chariot may need chopping up into a normal chariot after the latest rethink of army list!

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