Monday, 18 April 2011

Reavers are finished!

As mentioned last night, i'd almost finished the reavers and so i wanted to finish them this morning. What i thought would take 30mins actually took 2-3 more hours as i did the gems, touch up's and basing.

Either way they're now finished and i'm really quite happy with how they've turned out. I think they look better in person than i've managed in a photograph and are probably painted better than the swordmasters!

If you're in Sheffield then you should see them this thusday evening at the gaming night on the moor!

Next up, i've just based (glued sand to) and undercoated the 20 spearmen from the HE battalion box set. Having seen that fella's big Ogre unit last week, i think it looks really good to have a nice chunk of models painted at the core of your army (and his were painted very well!).

How do people generally paint large numbers of troops? So far, everything has topped out at 10 which has been fine since thats what i used to paint the ultramarines in. I had originally thought of breaking them down into 2 sets of 10, but now i'm planning on just bulk painting them all at once. Pro's of this train of thought are that i reckon it'll be quicker. Cons being, i reckon i'll be sick of the sight of one colour by the time i'm done! Ah well, bolt thrower after these!

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