Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lothern Sea Guard brushed aside!

After two weeks of find time here and there i've finally done it - i've finished these buggers!

I must say, i started off with the best intentions! I did! But half way though i came up with my army list and decided i wasn't even giong to use them! (i'd originally wanted 2 x20 units of LSG - now giong with 1x30spears and 15xarchers).

This was a rather annoying revelation in itself but was compunded by the annoying fact that...these models are annoying as fuck to paint! Seriously! There's far too much detail on them! I never thought i'd say that -but come, these are CORE troups! I didn't want to spend 2 weeks painting 10 damn models!

I managed to trade a shed load of my old Xbox games in this weekend and managed to get 3 new brushes and the High Elf batallion box for my trouble. The brushes are amazing! I didn't realise my old brushes were as bad as they were until i used these new brushes! (Kinda like the drunk who never realised he was a drunk until the day he wole up sober!)

As the HE batallion box set allows me to create my core, my lion chariot and the RBT that only leaves me with needing to buy a mage, BSB model, 15PG and 5 SM...oh and 10 more spears -

...which brings me back to the LSG - i figure after all this trouble - they'll be proxying as spearmen for a while!

So here's the pictures. I've not based them yet and only just finished them so had to try and get good lighting with a bog roll backdrop and a table lamp! I'll post some better pics in natural daylight when they're based!

My challenge now is to somehow paint up the HE batallion and the IoB Reavers in time for a game at easter...any takers?

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