Thursday, 31 March 2011

Making army lists...

OK, so i've re-jigged slightly. I've altered the core which has allowed me to squeeze more out of it so here goes - once again - critisism and thoughts are appreciated:

Lords: 17.75%
Lvl4 Archmage (Life) (w/ Feedback Scroll and Talisman of Preservation) - 355
This guy is my general and will form a huge part of my gameplan - i want him sticking round!
Heroes 13.45%
Lvl 2 Mage (High) (w/ Silver Wand) - 145
Support role really

Noble (w/ BSB, GW and Dragon Armour) - 124
Im thinking this fella gets thrown into the spears

Core 25.5%
15 x Archers w/ Musician, Standard and Banner of Eternal Flame - 190
Can be useful for removing Regen and being a general nuisance!

30 x Spearmen w/ Full Command - 295
The main Anvil, 5 wide, 6 deep

Special 38.3%
15 x Sword Masters w/ Full Command - 257
15 x Pheonix Guard w/ Full Command - 257
I'm a bugger for symmetry, so i see these guys marching up either side of the spear block and either counter charging or taking out beasties!

5 x Ellyrian Reavers w/ Musician and Bows - 112
1 x Lion Chariot of Chrace - ~~~
One on either flank being nuisnances in the case of the reavers or counter charging for the lions!

Rare 5%
Repeater Bolt Thrower - ~~~

Total - 2000pt bang on!

I'm more suprised i've got it bang on 2k to be honest - never done that with a list before! Hehe!

Once again - this list is based on nothing more than either me liking the models (PG, Lion Chariot) or already owning them (SM, ER).

I decided to drop the LSG for two reasons. one - i can get more core troops for less/similar money, and secondly and perhaps most importantly - i'm painting them right now (the IoB ones) and really fucking hating them!!! ...but thats for another update!

Unless someone points out some really obvious flaws, i think this is what i'll be buying towards. As i'm a complete newb to fantasy - i reckon this list will give me a good flavour of different areaas whilst hopefully being able to manage a variety of scenarios!

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