Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mage Part One

Time's really been at a premium this week as, due to a hectic weekend of coursework and teaching exams, i've let myself get behind on lesson planning and been playing catch up since Sunday!

Finally caught up with myself today (in time for a formal observation tomorrow!) and this allowed me to have a night to myself to calm down - cue the paints came out!

Colour wise, i'm sticking to the same as the sword masters with the blue trim. The stand out on this is the swirling base the model comes supplied with. As my paint selection is still pretty bare, i found a usable Dark Angels Green.

I've only managed to get base colours on tonight and give them a first wash. It's real messy and going to require a lot of touch ups and detailing i'm afraid I don't know whether it's my nerves or tiredness or eagerness to get as much done in the time allowed as possible - either way - it's messy!

So here's the pictures from tonight:

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