Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mage Done (sort of...)

Ok, so having a rare few hours to myself i was determined ot finish this bugger!

And i have...sort of. I think i may have bee a little too eager to finish and so carried on painting when natural daylight, well - just wasn't there!

As such, i now realise this needs plenty of touch ups - but i figured that from the start.

I must say, i do lik ethe base. As this fella will probably be chicking out stuff from the Lore of Life, i like the green!

Having only ever painted masses of Ultramarines and Orks before i have to say i've learnt one important lesson from this experience:


Seriously! I tried to build it up with think layers of watered down white (well, from Astronomican Grey/Skull white into just white) but you can still see the brish strokes - i'll just pretend thats a realistic "cloth" effect!

Have to say i didn't enjoy painting this model as much as the sword masters!

Think my next project will be the Lothern Sea Guard!

till next time,


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