Saturday, 24 September 2011

Some fun gaming was had! (2 game summaries)

1500 High Elf Vs Skaven

OK so i finally had a game with this my new 1500pts list yesterday and thought i'd update the results! Apologies for no "proper" battel reports - we're still playing on an unpainted citadel (grey plastic) board with scribbled on paper to represent serves its purpose but doesn't really make for good viewing! We'll try and address this once the initial surge of September "AHMAHGHAD!" has subsided!

The List:

Lvl 4 (High) - 260
Lvl 1 (Beasts) - Silver wand - 110

12 Archers - 132
12 Archers - 132
11 Archers - 121

16 Swordmasters - FC, Banner of Et. Flame, Amulet of Light - 280
5 Dragon Prince
5 Dragon Prince


Total: 1500

I finally got a must have been about 6-7 games since i last tasted victory and that was only @1k pts which is small enough to not even count. I've really been struggling to find my feet at higher points levels and feel much more comfortable and balanced with this list!

It's not a supah-powah'd list as, even though i whitewashed my mate's Skaven, he was using a very experimental list himself so i'm not counting my chickens...oh and he pretty much fluffed nearly every roll know what they say about skaven having a catastrophic game every 6 games or so? Well this was his...

It was Scenario 2 (Random Deployment) and i managed ot get my RBT and two archers units on a hill and the AM's unit was behind a ghost fence on the hill for extra protection! One DP unit was on the right flank aiming for his WLC with the SM's nearby facing up against his new-to-be-trialed Plagemonks unit.

The army basically did everything i wanted it to do! We both rolled the spells we wanted, with my AM getting Shield, Curse, Flames and Fury and teh L1 with wand (Beasts) getting Kadons and Amber Spear - (i swapped Kadons for WW).

The archers managed to shoot the crap out of his weapon team - the mortar one on the first turn even with him releasing the storm banner! (how could i forget about this??!!) With curse on a unit of clanrats, i maged to whittle them down for the DP to massacre them. On the other flank, the other DP's took out the WLC.

Magic wise, Shield was amazing and gave the game its final twist as my SM's faced with his Plaguemonk unit, got chopped to crap by good use of some epic magic items and then flanked by slaves. By using shiled i managed ot keep 4 alive which allowed my DP's into the back of his monks and my AM's archer unit into the flank of slaves.....he called it at this point!

So, thoughts...

Magic - I liked using High Magic. It's really versatile with good offensive spells (fury and Flames kept his DD used up) which allowed me to protect my SM and use Curse more. Beasts on the L1 was under utilised as i think i only got Amber spear off once @ his doomwheel taking 2 wounds off (which was it's purpose) but again...i'm taking Beasts purely for WW so any of the other spells is a bonus. I'm glad i swapped Kadons as it would have been cruel to have a dragon on the table too! (but i really DO want to try this spell one time...could be a Dispel Scroll user-upper)

Shooting - Against Skaven, this did exactly as designed - it killed his weapon teams that have caused me so much (tactical) grief in previous games. Against say, his WoC army, they would still serve a purpose in taking out his re-directors (Hounds) and then support stuff, but lets face it - they're core - they're not meant to be my game winners! Against Lizzies i reckon these would be good at taking out his pesky Skinks and Krox units. Against Dark Elves the 6" extra range gives me a whole turn of rolling on my opponent which is great. And since they're the only 3 armies i've played, i can't really comment on any other, except to say that against the OK army i'm planning, they would really only be able to wipe out the gnoblars and sabertusks - but like Chaos, if i'm taking out my opponents redirectors, then it allows my DP and Eagle to do what they do again!

Combat - The DP's did brilliantly and this was down to good placement of deployment really (and once again as with other stages, my opponents WOEFUL rolling - this really can't be stressed enough!) Having 2 units of them splits the oppononets target priority and their fast manouvrability means that they move so much in the first turn, they may forget about my SM...speaking of which, weren't the game changers they can be, but did manage a good job of holding up his danger unit for 2 important phases!

What next? - i want to try this list against my mates Lizzies and WoC to see of the Theory pays off! I reckon a good battering is expected from the WoC but could be realy fun Vs Lizzies!

A second army on the Horizon?

So i then played his WoC (experimental list) with my mocked up "Cardboard Proxy" Ogre Kingdoms list.

This game was fun! I ended up getting butchered (pun intended!) as i only remembered at a rather critical point in the game that we were playing "Blood and Glory" scenario!

Ogres are going to be Horrific!!! to play against as HE!

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