Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dreadfleet I

So having played a sampler game of this at the otherwise dissapointing Gamesday UK, i succumbed to the siren call and purchased it when i stopped in Games Workshop to merely buy some paints for my new Ogres (more on them in another post!).

I've already played the first couple of scenarios and its great fun but poetic license is already reequired cum Scenario 2 as (those of you who own it may have already found out), it's bloomin hard to get the Swordfysh captain free and off the board in 6 turns!

Anyway, i spent today painting some scenery from it (and counters) and thought i'd share it with you.

This is a shot of every thing i've painted so far:

Here's a close up of the Wind Marker. This goes around the edge of the Seascape in order to denote the direction the wind is coming from! The other side is a Vortex marker for a scenario further on, but as i'm not near that yet, i decided to leave the otehr side for now!

This is a close up of the Turn Marker. It's used to allow your ships to turn 45 degrees to port or starboard (left or right). You get 2 in the box!

I've not taken a close up of the Measuring divice you get in the box. You can see it in the very first picture, but it's essentially an 18" measuring stick  that bends at the 6" and 12" at 45 degrees. It's really cool.

My favourite bit of work from today is the island. In all the pictures, they seem to show an eerie glow coming from the skulls eyes which i've tried to emulate. I've never tried a kind of OSL affect effect before and i'm quite happy with the results

After undercoating Chaos Black, i painted the whole island with a mix of Astronomincan Grey and Chaos Black. I then heavily drybrushed pure grey mixing bits of Skull White into it until it was pure white. I then gave th entire Island a very watered down green wash. A little bit more white wash brush on after this before i put a glob of Dark Angels Green into the eye sockets. I then kinda "Wet-modged" (Trademarked!) this with Goblin Green towards the eye ridges, building a little white into it!

Hoping to try and get anothe risland done tommorow and maybe start painting some flesh on my Leadbelchers!

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