Sunday, 15 April 2012

After School 40k

I may have mentioned a while back that i've started an after school Wagames and board games club with another colleague.

Well i've finally found time to paint some of the school stuff. They paint their own stuff but i wanted to paint the initial Assault on Black Reach set myself for a multitude of reasons:

1) It will look better! There's a few who are quite dab hand for 11 year olds but are at that stage where they've not discovered washes yet! I think i may have rocked their world slightly when shown how much better is is to actually undercoat the models first...then came drybrushing - their heads possibly imploded!

2) It's stops future bickering over who painted what and so that paint colour is better - "Wa wa wagh"

3) In the same way as GW shops need good painted stuff down on their tables as a selling point - i figure i do to, as its going to be a selling point for the kids to stay! I mean...i'm competing with Tranpolining and a fricken Ukelele club here for crying out loud!

So, here are the models so far:

Dreadnought and Terminators

So i went for Ultramarines, primarily because i've always collected then and the bits that i already had and donated to the club are Ultramarine so they match, but secondarily as it makes sense to keep it "average" for the starter stuff and if they want to divert to Blood Angels or whatever, they can - some are already busy at work creating their own chapter (I reckon it's easy to spot the evil ones who haven't found Chaos yet by them painting lots of purple - just an observation!) Having watched "Awesome Paint Job"'s video on youtube, i based them in Regal Blue over a white spray undercoat!!

I have to add i haven't used white spray since i was 11! I really liked it though! I'd planne don not spending too much time on them so kept the colour palet very minimal. The Gold was built on Scorched Brown and the White was built on the old Foundation Grey.

The same method was used on the Dreadnought and i found that painting the silvery bits black first wasn't nearly as much a pain in the ass as i'd thought it would be.

Now this last shot is a close up of the Dreadnoughts base as i wanted to show of the new Games Workshop texture Paint! Whilst i dont want to use it on my High Elves or Ogres as i dont want to change the look half way through, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to test to see if it really is both quick and aesthetically pleasing.

Truth be told i'm very impressed. The above is the new Stirland Mud Texture paint which takes a little longer to dry than normal. I then drybrushed with Graveyard Earth followed by Bleached Bone. I'm quite impressed. If these were my models and not the schoold i'd probably spruce em up by adding tufts of dead grass, but hopefully you can get a good idea of the results if you were considering them yourself!


I've gone with a Bad Moon clan scheme for the Orks. I think this will contrast well against the Blue ultramarines. However, yellow is widely known to be a bitch to paint, so i kept it minimal - as if they've painted (or nicked) just enough of something yellow to show their clan allegiance reather than garish full yellow armour!

Currently finishing up the Deffkoptas. Painting Orks is filthy quick n simple! A Boltgun Metal drybrush over Tin Bitz base in the same way as i do for my Ogres, a Graveyard Earth drybrish over Scorched Brown for the leather and for the Warboss and Nobz above, i started the Skin with Dark Angels Green and built up. For the Deffkopta pilots and normal Boyz i intend on starting at Goblin Green.

Till next time!

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