Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Some small update. Ogres and random nonsense

So it has once again been a while since my having updated! In my defense, i'm getting married tommorow so i've been a tad busy!

I have however, found time to complete the Slaightermaster (thanks mum), Ironblaster and 2x Mournfang (thanks Zi!) i was bought for christmas! I haven't taken any step by step images with these due to basically just grabbing a paint brush when i could!

I'm generally satisfied. I've gone for a much more toned down colour scheme and hushed tones. I think it worls well with the snowy mountain bases they've got and makes te model stand out well!

I'm not certain on the mournfang banner. I wanted to convey a frosty "mystical" look to it and so gave it a wash of Asurman Blue...think i need to highlight it with something? maybe an extreme of Ice blue?

Vampire counts and Empire have (or are about to be released) since my last update and whilst i've never played VC, i'm looking forward to playing empire if the rumours hold true - Mortars getting a serious nerf and the STank back down to T6 makes me much happier!

The after school club i've started seems to be picking up steam too! We've got about 4-5 regulars and apparently a couple of Y8/9's are interested! Muggins here is painting the Assault on Black Reach set and even though i told myself i'd only give it a basic paintjob, i'm still finding myself detailing more than i'd like! I should have pictures up soon as i've managed to so far paint the Dreadnought and the Terminators!

So, without further ado, here are the pictures of the Ogres


It's amazing what you miss when you look at the picture - i've since gone back and tidied his face up a bit! Painted the nose ring and re-highlighted the teeth!

The Mournfang Cavalry

Just need to buy another two of these to finish the squad!!

The Ironblaster

I'm actually quite proud of this one - i spent freakin ages on the bones of the tusks!!

I orginally planned ot have 2 Blasters, but reckon i may need to downgrade 1 to a scraplauncher in order to fit my Firebelly in! (painting that bad boy next!)

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  1. Nice painted units !!!! Like the blaster .