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011 Ogres V Lizardmen - 2400 Pitched Battle

So managed to get a game in against my mates Lizardmen yesterday. Pitched battle, 2400pts and he'd re-written his previous list, dropping the Steg and a few Skink Priests in favour of a crap load of Skirmishing skinks

When i saw the sheer amount of poison shots i thought this was gonna be a short game!

Lizardmen (from Left to right)
10 Skink Skirmishers with another 10 in the wood. Outside the wood, he has a Salamander, another 10 Skinks skirmishing, the first of 3 20 strong Saurus units and another Salamander.

He then has a BSB with an Enchanted Shield in the second Saurus units and then another Saurus unit.

Behind all this is his unit of 20 Temple Guard containing his L4 Life Slann. The Slann ends up having Loremaster, Ethereal, the "no 6's within 18"" one and the "i get an extra dice on every cast one"

On his left flank is two more units of 10 Skink Skirmishers and a unit of 5 Cold Ones.

Ogres (Left to Right)
Ironblaster behind some walls and next to an (unused) Elven Waystone.

The Mournfang with the Dragonhide Banner line up followed by 10 Gnoblar Trappers. Behind these are a Sabertusk and a Thundertusk.

A big unit of Ogres with the Firebelly (with Hellheart) line up infront of the Ironguts which contain the Slaughtermaster (L4 Maw with Glittering Scales, Fencer's Blades and Rockeye) and BSB (with Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Protection).

On the right flank is 4 Leadbelchers, 10 Gnoblars and another Sabertusk!

Despite finishing first, i fluff the roll for first turn...this is gonna hurt!

Slann (Life) has Loremaster
L4 (Maw): Bonecrusher (2D6 S2 no AS), +1T buff, Panic test, Trollguts (Regen)
L2 (Fire): Fireball and Flame Cage

Lizardman - Turn 1
Lizardman player pretty much moves everything up. Skink Skirmisher 3 take a wound to Dangerous Terrain and SS5 lose 2 to the venom thicket!

Magic: 11/6
Throne of Vines cast. Flesh to Stone Cast on Saurus(2) unit. Shield of Thirns cast on Salamander (2). Oh and the Sorcerous Portal Fireballs an entire Leadbelcher off the table!

Both Salamanders shoot at my Mournfang Cavalry but fail to cause a wound! With everything else being out of range, i escape a turn of venomous shooting!

Ogre - Turn 1
The Ironblaster charges the Salamander(1) and the Mournfang charge the Salamander(2). With his S2 saurus unit buffed to high heavens i'm ignoring it! There's no way i'm taking it on yet! He may be able to cast a lot of spells but he can't get every unit buffed right?

The IB's Salamander flees, through the Skirmishers behind  but they hold their ground (Damn cold blooded!). The Mournfang make it in!

Magic: 6/3 > 7/3
First, the sorcerous portal rusts the Leadbelchers light armour away!
The Firebelly attempts a mid level fireball at the Saurus to soften them up but it's dispelled with authority!
The Slaughtermaster then casts Trollguts (bubble version) with IF (9), causing a wound on himself and one on the Firebelly!
The Regen does save the Mournfang from Shield of Thirns damage though!

I forgot to fire the bloody Thundertusk (the problem of playing with just a base until i figure out what i want it to be - i forget it's there!)
The Leadbelchers roll abysmally and fail to do anything on the  Cold One's

The Mournfang easily beat the Salamander and only overrun 7"...they needed like, 8-9 to get into the Saurus! Gutted! Despite how the pic looks, they wouldn't have clipped the skirmishers!

Lizardmen - Turn 2
Brutal Combat turn!

The Saurus my MFC had almost reached charged which i tool, His S2 saurus unit then charged the Trappers which i was cool with - they lost 4! The S1 Saurus unit charged the Sabertusk again i'm fine with! The Cold Ones charged teh Sabertusk which was fine - i just needed a good turn of shooting with the Leadbelchers and they'd die quick! What i wasn't expecting was being flank charged by the Slaan's Temple Guard. The pic doesn't make it look like a flank was possible but it was - and because his S2 Saurus unit was in the way at the start of the turn i didn't even realise i was in danger! In hindsight i should have flee'd! Doh!

Magic: 3/2
Thank god - a crap winds roll - and i needed it.
My Firebelly was just in range of his Slaan and so i popped the Hellheart needing a 3.....and got a 2! Gutted! Really could've done with him blowing up some of them temple guard!
As it goes, that stupid ability to add a die to each cast meant he could play with more spells than someone should be able to with 3 bloomin dice!
I used my dice to dispel ToV. This meant he had to use dice to recast it leaving him with enough to cast the enhanced Flesh to Stone on the S2 Saurus unit (clearly hoping they'd overrun into the Ironguts!)
Oh and the Leaddies took a soulblight on the chin from the portal.../sigh!

Shooting:The Leadbelchers take 2 more wounds courtesy of blowdarts, losing another of their number! The Ironblaster shares a similar fate, taking 3 wounds as the poison erm...gets in the eye of the Ogre...and really REALLY annoys him?? (Damn poison!!!)

Combat:Cold Ones take a wound from the kitty before eating it and reforming!
The Mournfang unleash the Dragonhide banner on the saurus unit and between that, stomps, ogres and rhinox, manage a total of 5 measley wounds! In return, they take 4 but lose on res and get cuts down by both units eager to pursue their prize!
The S2 Saurus unit, having lost 4 to trappers only kill 3 Gnoblars in combat!!! Regen baby - i lol'd!
The S1 Saurus unit didn't have any better luck! They take a wound from the kitty and can't do anything back! The Kitty shuffles down to make way for the next turn charge!

Ogres - Turn 2
The Firebellies' Ogres charge the S1 Saurus unit (gotta get points from somewhere!). The Thundertusk (i'd placed an elf on top so i remembered it was there!) manouvered to support the Ironguts in anticipation of the Gnoblars getting cut down!

Magic: 8/7
Portal belches another Soulblight on the Leaddies again...
Fulminating Flame Cage was allowed through on the Temple Guard in anticipation of me bubble casting Trollguts again. does 1 wound initially.
...i then fail to cast the damn thing! gutted!

Shooting:Leaddies kill a cold one. The Thundertusk harpoons a Temple Guard and through some clever talking from my opponent - i got sidetracked and forgot to fire the bloody stone thrower...AGAIN!!! GRR!!!
The Ironblaster - in hindsight, should have grapeshotted one of the skirmish units surrounding it in the hopes of panicking them - instead i got giddy at the thought of Cannonballing the Slaan and shot the Temple Guard instead - it was at this point that i found out the damn Slaan was ALSO Ethereal! Grr! - one dead temple guard!

Combat:Ogres  get a massive charge off so kill 5 Saurus from impact hits alone! 9 more wounds combined from the Firebelly and the unit make for a pretty good start - i used the breath weapon! In return, the Firebelly takes 2 wounds, the unit takes 2 and the sabertusk takes 1. The Lizzies flee and the Sabertusk overruns and catches them while the Firebelly and his squad reform to face the BSB's saurus unit!

The S2 Saurus unit kill the trappers and reform facing the Ironguts!

Lizardmen - Turn 3
The S2 Saurus with the BSB charge the Ironguts - i'm liking this cause with the Thundertusks ASF aura, they'll be striking at the same time as the Ironguts. The Slaughtermaster and BSB will still get to strike first essentially!
The Tomb Guard quick reform and take the hits from Flame Cage - losing 6! Nice! The Saurus charge the Ironguts! The Cold one charge the Gnoblars.

It has to be said at this point that we were running short on time and so decisions were being made rather rashly!

Magic: 5/4 > 5/5
I dispelled ToV again. He cast it again...Flesh to stone was dispelled. Shield of Thorns cast on the Saurus - does 2 wounds on the Ironguts!

Shooting:A crap load of poison shots on the Ogres takes 7 wounds off them! The Ironblaster is left a pile of wood...and poison!

Combat:The Ogre BSB kills 2, the Ironguts 5. in return, the Slaughtermaster takes a wound as do the Ironguts. I'd put all the attacks on the unit expecting his BSB to have all kinds of 1+ re-rollable - i wish i'd gone fo rthe BSB as the damn things held fast!
The Cold Ones kill the gnoblars and reform to face the Leadies.

Ogres - Turn 3
I try to dual charge (in desperation) the Thundertusk and Firebellies' Ogre unit into the Temple Guard. Only the Thundertusk makes it...the Ogres dont though!

Magic: 5/3
Trollguts bubble cast with IF. the Slaughtermaster takes a wound from the Miscast (9)

Combat:The Ironguts only manage 3 wounds on the saurus for no loss but the damn things hold again thanks to re-rollable cold blooded! Grrr!
Next, i was dismayed to find out that the Thundertusk doesn't have any impact hits!? It does one wound on the Halberd weilding Temple Guard before being hacked to pieces! - really needed that double charge!

Lizardmen - Turn 4
Right. At this point, my missus' was ringing wondering where the hell i was and wondering why i wasn't home, getting ready to go out for our one month wedding anniversary! Eeep! We hastily agreed to play VERY rash and very quick!

As such, my opponent charged his Temple Guard Slann unit into my Firebellies' Ogre unit. Without the rush, he would have no doubt sat them back and regrowth'd them for a few turns whilst dealing out poison death to my ogre blocks!

Magic: 8/5
Once again, i dispelled ToV...Once again, he re-cast it. I'm doing this because its eaier to dispell it on the base value than play against higher rolls. He unfortunately had the extra dice with every ast and so threw so many dice i couldn't keep up! He got Flesh to Stone and Regrowth on the Temple Guard.

Shooting:The Leadbelchers finally succumb to poisonous death!

The Ironguts wipe out the Saurus unit except the damn BSB - who holds on god damn snake eyes! My only hope was that the Ironguts could overrun into the flank of the Temple Guard!
Speaking of; the Temple Guard do 5 wounds in total, including killing the Firebelly. The Ogres did 6 wounds back....until we realised we'd forggotten about Flesh to stone...and now my missus was REALLY we decided that i was probably wise to throw in the towel!

Afterthoughts and Reflections
That Slaan is a bitch! I can see why tournaments ban the fucker from having all those toys as you're just powerless to stop him from casting 2-3 spells a turn min and with Life, the inbuilt danger of too many spells (thus higher chance of miscasting) is negated by the Throne!

There's an interesting topic on Warhammer Forum about why Special Characters are banned and things like this are considered sound and i gotta admit - that git is one special character!

I still think pound for pound i did better than i expected. i really thought i'd be shot to death quicker than i was! At 70 pts, i'm not really for going after them units with anything as they're not worth it and i was always wary of the Stand and shoot!

The Saurus aren't all that and it was only the life buffs and the insane Cold Blooded rolling he got off in this game that let them hang around that long!

I didn't mention that his Temple Guard had the Flaming banner - that relaly dicked on my parade with the regen bubble buff!

I really overestimated Salamanders (see: forgot) and thought they were S5 when in fact they're S3 (-3AS)...which makes them significantly less threatening! Probably wouldn't have made them a target priority in early game!

Either way it was a good game - leanrt lots about my list! Thundertusk is on the chopping block and i've not even built the damn thing yet! (still a cool model!)

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