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012 Ogres V Orcs & Goblins - Battle for the Pass

So managed to get down to Games Workshop today nice and early and managed to get a game in against my regular arch-nemesis (see: best mate who always beats me!). He'd brought an O&G list down which was slightly altered to the one I faced last time - no Warmachines!

We rolled up and got Battle for The Pass which i usually really dislike but as i'm testing out a new Ogre list then anythings game really!

 From left to right i have 4 Mournfang (like usual) with Heavy armour, Ironfists and the Dragonhide Banner. 2 Ironblasters are on the hill at the back. 2 Sabertusks are as far forward as possible - critically, more than 6" away from any other unit! These have one purpose only in this game - kill the damn Manglers! (in my last game I learnt the hard way what they do, when I charged my Mournfang into them....didn't have no Mournfang after that!...sad times!)

A unit of 12 Ironguts with Full command and the Wailing Banner house my Slaughtermaster, Butcher and BSB. The Slaughtermaster is  L4 with Heavens, Crown of Command and Dragonbane Gem. The Butcher is a L2 with Maw and a dispel scroll. The BSB has only got the Banner of Eternal Flame.

I've been fancying Heavens for a while and think that the buffs can really help a shooting army and the hexes can really make up for ogres having crap WS!

A unit of 5 Leadbelchers sets up in a Wizards Tower on the right flank with another unit of 5 to the right of it!

From left to right: An Orc Boar Chariot, Mangler Squig and Snotling Pump Wagon load up his right flank. A horde of 40 Night Goblin Archers contain his goblin BSB with the Poison Banner and a L4 Goblin Shaman.

Behind these is a unit of 24 Black Orcs, 6 wide and a unit of 24 Savage Orcs, also 6 wide and containing his Orc Warchief and Level 4 Orc Shaman.

On his left flank, a Chariot hides behind a building. Then an Arachnarok lines up behind a mangler squig and 2 units of 5 Wolf Riders.

I cant quite recall which i was missing but i was within the Wizards tower the whole time so essentially have Loremaster of Heavens and Maw!

He had spells...he only got to cast Foot of Gork.

Ogre - Turn 1
The Leadbelchers move out of the building to enable them to shoot whilst the other group move slightly forwards to get the back row firing.
I move the Ironblasters forward after realising they only have a range of 36"

In the magic phase i get Harmonic Convergence bubble through and comet is dispelled. I manage to get Bonecrusher off on his Wolf Rider squad, wiping them all out and forcing the Chariot to flee off the board!

In the shooting phase, my leadbelchers kill the mangler stick a wound on the other unit of wolf riders.
The Ironblasters then hit the Arachnarok and cause a single wound!

The Sabretusk breathes a sigh of relief as its apparent suicide mission is no longer there!

Orcs - Turn 1
The Arachnarok and wolf riders move towards the Leadbelchers and i'm getting a bit nervous - i need a good shooting round next turn again or that will mince those units! (Still hating on poison here!)
On his other side, he moves everything up and i'm bemused to see that his Savage Orc squad is being hindered by his desire to allow his archers to shoot the Sabertusk!

The magic phase sees me using my dispel scroll when he tried to "Foot of Gork" my Irongut unit! Nothing else happens as i wither dispel or he fails to cast.

In the shooting phase, he kills my Kitty and i'm left thinking "21 pts to stall his entire army for a turn - oh. hell. yes!"

Ogres - Turn 2
 The Leadbelchers daringly move closer to the Arachnarok to enable them to hit on 4's.
The Ironblaster move so that they can kill the Arachnarok but also see other viable targets if it goes down quicker than expected.

In the Magic phase, he dispell scrolls my bubble casting of Harmonic Convergence. I then IF Curse of the midnight wind on his arachnarok just in case i fail to kill it and it charges - gets rid of poison at least!

In the shooting phase, i fire an Ironblaster first doing 3 wounds. The first leadbelchers open up hoping to take that last 3 off it and only manage 2 wounds. The next unit of Leadbelchers then finish it off causing the wolf riders to flee.
The 2nd Ironblaster then kills the Snotling Pump Wagon and goes through and kills a single Black Orc.

My opponent is shaking his head in a combination of frustration, anger and ...other stuff at this point!

Orcs - Turn 2
The Wolf Riders rally and hang back.

Everything else muddles forward a bit - ill take this again. Look like kitty-pin-cusion again!

In the magic phase, the only thing of note was he got Foot of Gork (but quite possibly - it may have been Mork!) on my Ironblaster. It does 3 wounds and then just to add more despair on my opponents day, he rolls a 1 and i place it lovingly on his Orc Shaman's head! He passes his Look out Sir! roll but 5 Savage Orcs aren't so lucky!

Predictably, my kitty doesn't make it out of the Shooting Phase!

Ogres - Turn 3
I move the Leadbelchers round to start shooting his Wolf Riders then start work on his Savage Orcs. Sensing no real reason to keep my Ironguts out in the open, i move them into the wizards tower. I have about 1200 pts in this unit currently, if he wants it he's going to have to come over this side everntually which should give me a turn or two of shooting them and trying to comet them! At this point my Leadbelchers are totally expendable!

In the Magic phase i fail to do pretty much everything - no comet again!

In the shooting phase, my unit of Leadbelchers kill his Wolf Riders which panics his horde of Night Goblin Archers. the roll 11 and bounce through his units and off the table. Lucky for him they're both Immune to Psychology! My opponent wanted to call it here but since i've lost to him the last, i dunno, 20 games, i took the time to Ironblaster his Mangler and last Chariot off the board before (not so) graciously accepted his defeat!

Result: Ogre Victory!

Well, its hard to judge a list off one game. My mate reckons this list is filth and that Leadbelchers are overpowered! My view is - no. I didn't have the Runemaw Banner on my Ironguts - it wasn't even a true Horde (had em 5 by 3). I didn't have the Hellheart either!

I think this game was won by Deployment! He allowed me to have 2 units of Leadbelchers shoot all his chaff and support units and by wanting to shoot his horde, blocked the 2 units i wanted to avoid all game (BlOrcs and SOrcs) behind them!

I've certainly never won a game of Warhammer before without a single close combat being fought! I only lost 42pts of disposable Sabertusks too!

I think i deployed well and my tactics were sound; Don't engage the Savage orcs or Black Orcs until absolutely necessary, Order of shooting: Manglers, Arachnarok, Pump Wagon, Chariots and Try and use magic as much as possible to hold him up

Which leads me to Heavens. I think that when i use Maw, because of the buffs to Strength and Toughness along with regen and Stubborn, i always rush forward think i need to be in combat ASAP to get the most out of it!

Heavens on the other hand, by nature of having movement controlling spells and magic missles, allows me to sit back and pop a few units off before the brunt arrives.

It will be interesting to see how this list fares in a standard game!

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