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Ogres Vs Bretonnians 2400 Pitched Battle

Hi guys,

Let me start by saying straight away - this is a battle report i played against myself.

It's not that i'm sad (not that sad anyway!), it's more that i really needed to try the two lists out and what better way to learn about them by playing a quick game.

The Ogres list has come about due to the previous incarnation winning 2 straight matches against one of my best mates and him calling "filth" on it - this was further cemented by an interesting post on The Warhammer Forum regarding "The Sweedish Comp" system. This system works out a score for your army based on certain factors. A horrible list is 0-5, a mid tier list 5-15 and a "soft" list 15-20.

Well my old Ogre list came out at...erm... -2 (yes, that is a minus!)

So i made some changes. Took out the Double Ironblaster, chopped the Leaddies down and removed the Crown of Command. It now gets a 5.2 - not perfect but a lot better!

The Bretonnian list is the list i'm trying to finalise before i make the big purchase!

The Lord has Heroic Killing Blow and the Heartwood Lance, meaning he can re-roll unsuccessful to-wound rolls, and the Dawnstone. He goes with the Knights Errant who have the Errantry Banner.

The BSB has the Grommil Great Helm and Wyrmlance. He and the L4 Life Prophetess (Dispell Scroll) go with the KOTR who have the Banner of Chalons.

The Grail Knights have the Banner of Eternal Flame and all archers have Braziers.

The L2 Beasts Damsel has the Prayer Icon of Quenelles and goes with the 40 strong Halberd Men @ Arms

The L4 Heavens Slaughtermaster has Gnuts Sickle which i've been wanting to try for a while. He also has the Dragonbane Gem and Glittering Scales and goes in the unit of 12 Ironguts. The BSB also goes in here and has the Banner of Eternal Flame.

The Butcher started solo due to the spells he rolled and he has a Dispel Scroll and the Ruby Ring of Ruin not that he ever used it!

The Mournfang now come with just heavy armour and Ironfists, havinhg dropped the Dragonbane Banner.

L4 (Life): Flesh to Stone, Throne of Vines, Regrowth, Dwellers
L2 (Beasts): Wyssans, Curse of Anraheir

L4 (Heavens): Iceshard Blizzard, Harmonic Convergance, Comet, Chain Lightning
L2 (Maw): Bonecrusher, Trollguts

Bretonnians, seeing the Leadbelchers and Ironblaster get down on their knees and pray!!

Turn 1 - Ogres
Stonehorn resists charge.
Leadbelcher 1 occupy building for protection.

Magic: 3/3
Comet dispelled

Shooting:Leaddies in building kill one Bowman. Leaddies in centre kill two KOTR.
Ironblaster would have killed 2 KE if not for the blessing of the lady!
Stonehorn Harpoon Launcher misses

Turn 1 - Bretonnia
 Mounted Yeomen charge Kitty which holds.

Magic is 12/6
Throne goes up uncontested. Curse of Anraheir then goes of with IF against the trappers (wanted to hold the IG up), killing 3 M@A, putting a wound on the Damsel and losing the remaining dice!

Shooting:First treb misses the central Leadbelchers, second one lands dead on the MFC doing enough wounds to kill one! They pass their panic check.
The Bowmen on the right kill the oncoming kitty. The unit close to them only manage to kill one Gnoblar and the unit on the far left are unable to wound the stonehorn!

Combat:The Yeoman lose one of their number putting a wound on the kitty, which flees from combat and is promptly run down

Turn 2 - Ogres
Everything moves forward as the Gnoblars shrug off the curse and lose 3 of their number

Magic: 7/5
Bubbbled Harmonic Convergence dispelled.
Comet cast infront of the knight blocks. Didn't use dispel scroll...

Shooting:Leaddies in centre fail to wound (actually, only one shot hit!) the KOTR after the Ironblaster reduced their number by one again.
The leaddies in the tower kill one Bowmen, finding their defensive stakes hard to shoot through!

Turn 2 - Bretonnia
Grail and Errant charge the Mournfang and make it. The KOTR fail against the Leadbelchers.
The Peg Knights charge the flank of the Ironblaster.

Magic: 6/3
Comet goes off, catching the GK and KE with their pants down - fortunately, the lady is with them and only 2 Grail Knights fall from their horse!
Regrowth is dispelled and Wyssans goes through on the M@A

Shooting:Both trebs land direct hits on the Ironguts - enough to kill 5 outright!!
The bowmen combined manage a wound on the leadbelchers in the tower.

Combat:The lord fails to get any HKB off, but the Errants and Grail combine for 5 wounds for zero loss in return (The lady is strong today!) The Mournfang flee and are promptly chopped down by the persuing Grail Knights. The Errant reform to face the Leadbelchers.

The Peg Knights put a wound on the Ironblast for one in return but it passes its break test and hangs around.

Turn 3 - Ogres
Stonehorn charges the Bowmen, Stand and shoot does nothing. Gnoblars charge the M@A
Leadbelchers and Butcher rally, having fled from the destruction of the Mournfang on the previous turn.
The other unit of leaddies leave the tower.

Magic:Iceshard on the peg knights was dispelled and comet scrolled.

Shooting:Leaddies kill a couple of M@A

Combat:Stonehorn predictably destroys the M@A, causing the nearby Treb to panic and flee.
The Peg Knights manage another wound on the Ironblaster for no loss but again, it stays!
The Wyssan'd M@A butcher the Gnoblars

Turn 3 - Bretonnia
KE charge the leaddies infront of them. M@A charge the front of the Ironguts.

Magic: 11/7
Everything was dispelled with the help of the scroll.

Shooting:Treb misses the leaddies. Bowmen dont do anything.

Peg Knights do another wound on the Ironblaster for a wound in return, killing a model. The Ironblaster finally breaks, survives TWO dangerous terrain tests from the marsh and from running through the KE/LB combat. Here's the tricky bit - the Peg Knights dont roll high enough to catch them but high enough that hitting the Leaddies in the flank is unavoidable. Played as if they had then overrun into the leaddies flank - not sure if this was correct!?
So, this combat next -The HKB lord and the knights completely wipe out the leaddies - the Peg Knights then overrun again! Into the flank of the Ironguts!!! The KE and Lord reform to face where the stonehorn will come back on from next turn.
The Peg Knights manage a wound on the Slaughtermaster who manages nothing in return. The M@A's, with the help of Hatred form the nearby Tower of Blood, do 8 wounds for loss of 5! Ironguts flee 8, Peg knights only pursue 6 and M@A 3!

Turn 4 - Ogres
Ironguts rally. Stonehorn returns. Leadbelchers roll Snake Eyes trying to charge the Bowmen.

Magic:Bonecrusher on the KE is dispelled.

No Shooting, No Combat

Turn 4 - Bretonnia
M@A charge leaddies in flank. Grail Knights and Mounted Yeomen run down the Butcher. Peg Knights charge the Ironguts - i knew this last one was suicide but it was necessary to enable the M@A to be able ot complete the charge!

Magic:Wyssans goes off with IF! Kills 3 M@A and nukes the rest of the dice pile - again!

Shooting:The treb hits the newly returned Stonehorn for 2 wounds which gets reduced to one due to the tough hide rule!

Combat:As predicted, the PK do nothing and get mullered! The M@A kill 2 Leaddies, forcing them to flee but fail to catch them by an inch!

Turn 5 - Ogres
Stonehorn manages to get to the KE with the HKB lord - could be fun!
Leaddies rally

Magic:Comet IF'd (8) - no wound on Slaughtermaster

No Shooting

Combat:The HKB lord fluffs all his chances! The KE can't do anything but the stonehorn kills 3 with a ferocious charge, winning combat and chasing the Brets down!

Turn 5 - Bretonnia
The grail Knights reform and together with the Mounted Yeomen - leg it!
The KOTR move round the tower of blood for a 6th tuirn Stonehorn charge

Magic:The Comet comes down with a radius of 11" - doing 3 wounds to the poor Stonehorn! Friendly Fire?!?!
Regrowth is cast on the KOTR with IF, restoring them to full strength. Throne ignores the IF

Shooting: The treb misses the IG's

Combat:The M@A finish of the Leadbelchers and reform to face the building.

Turn 6 - Ogres
The Stonehorn backs away to try and get out of the charge arc of the KOTR. The IG's move into the nearby building.

Magic:Chain Lightning IF's, killing 2 bowmen before jumping to the treb and putting 2 wounds on that. The miscast removes 2 IG's from the unit.

Turn 6 - Bretonnia
KOTR charge the Stonehorn.

Magic: Comet doesn't appear! Enhanced Flesh to Stone cast on KOTR though.

Shooting:The Trebuchet misfire's trying to get the Ironguts

Combat:The BSB fails to wound the Stonehorn, uses the Wyrmlances breath weapon to get a wound on. The KOTR then finish it off!

Final Scores:Bretonnia: 1341
Ogres: 860

Bretonnia takes a crushing victory!

Of the Ogres:
  • Gnuts Sickle - i didn't feel this item had enough of a fair crack today
  • Ruby Ring of Ruin - forgotten all game - but this is an all comers list and so this will come in handy against Vampires!
  • Leaddies @ 4 small. Boy - i went back to using this really poorly! With a building generated i thought it would be great to stick them in there - they'd be tough to shift and then as deployment played out i realised i'd wasted them
  • Overall - i think they work better when they can sit back and dictate when the charges should happen and i rushed them forward to soon!
Of Bretonnia:
  • Fun - This is a very fun list that can play in all the phases of the game!
  • Trebs - jesus. fucking. chirst!
  • Defensive stakes on bowmen are amazing and really hindered the leadbelchers ability to get to them!
 Well, 6th Ed 40k is out on Saturday and with £300 coming my way courtesy of ebay, i've already earmarked a Necron army - so this blog will be growing again (or i may just start a new blog!). It will also give us another army to play with at the after school cluh - something i really want to push next year! (there's a school tournament!)

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