Sunday, 8 July 2012

Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition and Necrons

6th Edition 40k

So having sold a lot of stuff on eBay, i've managed to build up enough funds to buy the new rulebook, the necron codex, and enough models to make a 1500 Necron list. This should do me for the after school club next year!

I managed to get down to Games Workshop yesterday and have a game against my mates Space Wolf army. This was an army led by Logan and so was totally choca-block with termies! Reading the 6th ed rules, one of the biggest "things" seems to be that power weapons are now AP3. This means terminator armour (or anything with a 2+) got a huge boost!

I (foolishly) thought that Deathwing armies would sprout up everywhere! This wont happen! My Necron list has 40 warriors in it, and the sheer weight of shots just whittle them down! Granted he couldn't deep strike them!

Fantasy and Wood Elves

We then went back to mine to play a High Elves V Wood Elves game where i got tabled again! Really hating Wood Elves! I think i'm starting to hate them more than Skaven. He said it felt exactly the same against my Necron army! Even my Pheonix Guard just got shot to pieces trying to march across the board!

Tried Shadow on my High Elves and still dont rate it!. Going to try Heavens next time as i need more ranged offense! Need to find a way of squeezing a L2 with Seerstaff in for defensive buffs and can't decide to go for life (Regrowth and Flesh to Stone), Metal (Glittering Robes and Enchanted Blades) or High (Shield of Saphery and Flames of the Pheonix)


Anyway, i've already managed to paint some of the Necrons! I find them really enjoyable and easy to paint )although this extends to most of the 40k range) - maybe there's something about being able to drybrush more!

Here's some pics!

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