Monday, 21 January 2013

4 months worth of updates!!!

Wow. was it really October when i last updated this? I've not actually had a 40k game since i uploaded the Necron v Space Wolf one.

A lot has indeed happened however, so here's a general update of what has been happening.

I've now "pretty much" finished my Ogre army. I've painted the rest of my Mournfang, my Leadbelchers (so i now have 8), my Sabertusks, my Stonehorn and my BSB.

Having then played quite a few games with them and having started experimenting with different comp packs, i ended up buying 6 more Ogre models and gluing them with additional hand weapons.

What am i loving right now with Ogres? Well, i'm a huge fan of Heavens for Ogres. This comes from playing Lizardmen with their multiple skirmishing skink units and Wood Elves with their high number of small Glade Guard units. A well timed Chain Lightning can really tip the tide for me as both have the power to shoot me off the table if i don't react quick enough. In my latest lists though, I've stopped paying The Butcher Tax and started trying out just the Law of the Great Maw on my Slaughtermaster. I'm finding this is not only fine as i'm usually in combat by T2 anyway, but also free's up a lot of points!

Here are some pictures of my Ogres from the last few months

I'm all of a sudden aware that I've not actually uploaded or even took pictures of my finished BSB so will do that next time i play with em!

High Elves
I've tried a few different high elves lists and must be growing tired of Heavens as I've now messed around with a Cavalry Life/Beasts list and my latest foray - Light magic. Never though Light could be so good or useful on High Elves until i got my ass handed to me! White Lions with 2 attacks...oh my!

Having said that, I've not actually painted any more of them. I reckon i now need to buy ~21 White Lions and try and eBay 10 more swordmasters from the IoB...aaaand FINALLY...Games Workshop have released some Finecast Eagles. They're for The Hobbit but i don't give two shits! I've waited far too long and £30 for 2 seems perfectly reasonable!

You may recall (but likely wont) me "Starting" a Bretonnia army a while back. This included me buying the army book and buying a Battalion.

The Battalion is still in the cling film.

Don't get me wrong, i love playing with Brets but my painting and modelling time has largely been spent finishing my Ogres and gluing....

Tomb Kings
So yeah...started another army. I know they're incredibly weak but it is nice when i can win with them - especially with me getting the "cheesey/beardy" looks when the Ogres get dropped!

They do have inherent weaknesses and reckon will be an all or nothing; table or be tabled kind of army but my god the models are lush!

I managed to snag a battalion, a colossus  a liche priest, , Casket of Souls, the magic cards and two packs of Tomb Guard on eBay for about £150! Bargain! I've since topped this up with an additional box of Chariots (i love the idea of a chariot legion) and the Army book!

Here are some pictures of my first painted bits: The Bone Colossus, the Casket and the Liche Priest

KR Multicases
After a trying few months at work and a stressful time at home involving completely gutting our kitchen and fitting a new everything (including the kitchen sink!!), i treated myself to a KR Multicase to carry and protect my miniatures.

It's an aluminium case that has custom foam inlays. I've only purchased the inlays for my Ogres and High Elves so far as the rest aren't really off the ground and i don't really use the Necrons a lot but i'm really impressed with the quality and speed of delivery and would really recommend them!

Universal Battle
So, whilst i have had a few face to face games these last 4 months, I've been so busy that I've actually signed up for this website called Universal Battle. It's basically a Java interface that allows you to play tabletop games over the internet so you still need to know/own the rules.

You have to spend a little time "making" your army out of pre-made sprites etc but its well worth it and has allowed me to not only test out several list ideas before committing to purchase them, but has meant I can get so many more games in. It's a nice way t play against new people too as i don't currently go to any gaming clubs and just have my small little group of buddies.

It only costs like $3 for 3 months and that basically covers server upkeep. I'd definitely recommend it and if you're ever on there, ask me for a game. I'm "Adasi"

Zi' Stag Do
So me, Zi and John went down to Warhammer world on the 5th Jan for the Stag Do. (one of us dropped out at last minute) and we had a great time. Turns out Warhammer drunk is incredibly funny!

We thought we'd try out the ever increasingly popular Sweedish Comp rules. I'll be writing a separate blog entry on my thought on that. But for now, here's the videos from that day.

Here's my intro video that describes the army i was taking and why.

And this is Game 1: My Ogres Vs Zi's Wood Elves

I have everything done on Game 2: Lizardmen but my phone is being a duck and not uploading it so i'll put that in a separate post.

Anyway. hope this blog has perhaps filled a lunchtime of internet browsing and i shall be updating at least once a week now on some various topic or other.

I actually planned on attending a Warhammer club in Woodhouse the other day but the bloody snow foiled that!!

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