Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"I am the resurrection"

Not quite sure whether it was Jesus or the Stone Roses...

I'm finally on my Easter holiday! Aside a boat loa of house related things to do, I also have a hefty backlog of painting to get through!

See, a week on Sunday, ill be off to warhammer world again with Zi, John and zi's mate Rory in a 4 player round robin tournament. It's 2000 pts at my request... Believe or not, I thought I'd have a good chance on getting 2k of tomb kings painted for it! Sadly life gets in the way and so the only chance of me even having the models is by trading in and unopened bretonnian battalion box!

Won't post my list yet for the tourney but there will be a YouTube intro vid along with the 3 batreps. So far a I know, ill be facing empire, wood elves and Beastmen. This is exciting in many ways...

1) I've never played Beastmen... So rookie or not in the dark about their abilities!

2) safe in the knowledge that I will get Ker-rushed!!! in all three games I can go in really hoping to just have fun! Taking off a few important units from each army will serve me nicely!

I'm writing this from my iPhone for the first time so we'll see if this works... This should be a picture of the 20Tomb Guard I've been painting! They're base coated and in need of washing and highlighting. I also say "treat a model like a tramp...don't judge it till its been washed!"

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