Monday, 22 April 2013

My high elves rules

So things I've heard which you can choose to believe as, well, what you like.

Sisters of aver lorn are the ones with magic bows...not normal archers!

The 2 pheonix varieties (ice and flame) can be ridden or unridden and have a rule that "atunes" them to the winds of magic roll! They can end up with a 4++!

Sword masters and white lions retain ASF

The lore master of hoeth is real. He knows all the signature spells! This is the most epic shit ever!

Shield of saphery is now the high magic lore attribute an gives a 6++ to a unit which has an augment cast on it...cast 2 buffs? Get a 5++ etc!!

Reavers, shadow warriors and chariots in core!

Never felt so much excitement for a book!!!

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