Sunday, 7 April 2013

I see dead people...


I'm dreaming of tomb guard! It's either too much plastic glue fumes or I'm painting too much!

I really want a fully painted army for Waw this Sunday though!

Archers are done ( in a day I might add) but the chariots are taking longer than expected. I've also been interweaving painting layers with gluing more skellies and a sphinx.

The sphinx kit is great as no matter what you build you get an otherwise unobtainable tomb king model which is a really great sculpt! I'm also planning on using the unused body as a cool "sinister statue" terrain piece!

With me having to head into school tomorrow to get some planning and marking done, the skellies will have to wait till Tuesday! I'm hoping to one day them so I can potentially one day the sphinx on Wednesday! Catapults on Thursday if they've arrived!

This will leave a bit of time to try and make some movement try's for them!!

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