Thursday, 11 April 2013

Purr for me my beauty...

So today I have started and finished my sphinx and horsies! A productive day indeed!

I even did some laundry!

No sign of my KR Multicase inners so I'm expecting them tomorrow!

For the warhammer world tourney this Sunday I only have the catapults to do and make some movement trays!

As a complete break from fantasy, ill be playing Zi down at the club in a game of 40k. His new Tau against my Necrons.

It will hurt!

But it will also be batrep'd and up by the end of Saturday as ill need to clear all the room I can on my phone for Sunday!

Ill have a video introducing my list and tactics and such up on Sunday morning but the three BatReps from Sunday may take a while longer to get up.

Back at school on Monday and this half term brings an SLT inspection and an OfSTed visit all within the first two weeks!

I may look undead by the end of it!

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