Sunday, 21 April 2013

Warhammer World Tournament

So the two weeks of incessant painting was totally worth it and i had a blast!

Below are the three YouTube battle reports i made of the day.

Game 1 - Wood Elves
I hate Wood Elves due to their ability to wither you dow and seemingly avoid you at all costs! Zi's list has many more drops than mine and is becoming a master of deployment - regularly outdeploying me and making it an uphill struggle from the start! This coupled with Tomb Kings notoriously poor movement phase had me very concerned!

Game 2 - Empire
Johns Hellblaster absolutely shredded my chariot unit in a test game we had so i was rightfully terrified of it going into this. I knew i had his number on the Inner Circle Knights but the Demigryph Knights presented me with something i couldn't quite reliably counter.

NB - i cocked up the "Crumbling" FAQ during this game*

Game 3 - Beastmen
Beastmen have no shooting and so my lack of mobility wasn't as worrying in this. The thought of a horde of Bestigor and horde of Minotaurs does though!!

Final Thoughts and Results
Well i won...all three games!!! Honestly only expected to have a proper go at Rory's Beastmen but was really shocked to have won!

Against Zi (Woodies), i actually felt that for the first time i'd got the jump on him in deployment and was quite happy to allow the sphinx to be arrow fodder whilst i chipped away at what are usually an abundance of anoying chaff.

He made absolutely piss poor rolls and i was quite fortunate (a theme that would continue throughout the day)

Against John (Empire), i think i played tactically smart, not commiting to anything until the Hellblaster was taken care of. At the time i thought i was lucky to have been offered up the flank of the chicken riders but after learning i'd played the crumbling FAQ wrong (cant overrun but CAN reform!) it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as no one wants to claim a victory from accidentaly cheating! I'd have still charged and done said wounds, the question then arises as to whether 2 demi's would've done enough to my fully buffed chariots to negate the 4 impact hits i did...i'm thinking ...likely!


Against Rory (Beastmen) i feel really bad. For him, the whole day was a learning experience but one that i'd liken to someone vigorously thrusting a fist in your ass to try and teach you the value of lube...

...and i have big hands!

I'm really happy with how my list playsthough and finally feel like i've made some progress tactically. I think that by deploying all castle i allowed myself to buff to the max and feel my list has some real synergy

And since Tomb Kings are considered really weak, one of the highlights of the day has to be 29 Tomb Kings archers getting called broken...

Anyway - hope you enjoyed it! I'm wanting to get back down to the club and get some ETC practice in for Call to War but work has my balls in a vice and it's looking like i'm going to have to make some scenery for Call to War!

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  1. I recently quit WoW cause it takes too much time, and currently only play flash games like the papa's freezeria but its too boring, I've heard Warhammer is really good, but I'm not sure if its just as time consuming as WoW... any suggestions?