Thursday, 25 April 2013

Loremaster of Hoeth

So I've never felt as much excitement for a new book as the upcoming high elves one!

I've been thinking a lot about one model in particular and that is the new loremaster of Hoeth. In case you're unaware he is said to be a level 2 lord who has the combat skills of a noble fighter but knows ALL signature spells!!!

I've been thinking he will form part of whatever armies I come up with.

My first thought was a large Hoeth themed force with masses of sword masters....

Nothing inspiring there right?

But then I realised that silver helms are said to be core now!

So now I'm thinking silver helm bus with combat lord, bsb and this loremaster of Hoeth in there.

He would be able to cast wyssans cheaply enough (due to being cavalry) on his own unit to give t4 2+!

He would have a ld10 spirit leech being delivered from within all that protection that can move 16"!

Playing demons or undead? No's a quick banishment!

Vampire counts bringing the ethereal love? Fireball their asses!

Bit of earth blood for a tasty ward...

And because NONE of this has eaten into my special...ill have 2 units of dragon princes for flank protection and two pheonix a in rare to make sure I'm in their face immediately!

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