Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Steel City Wargaming

So i've mentione dthat i've been hitting the local gaming club on and off recently; the "off" part of that is generallyt down to the issue of it always seems to snow on Fridays...Grr

Either way, i've been BatReping m games down there (bar my first) and whilst they've been going straight up onto YouTube, i've been neglecting to put them on here...

So in one almighty post, allow me to bring you up to speel with some you may have missed...

010 Tomb Kings Vs Warriors of Chaos
I heavily proxy a TK army at 2000pts to face the new warriors. I learn what it's like to face a mutalith and also get my first experience of Special Characters in Warhammer Fantasy!

011 Ogres Vs Dwarves
A hastiliy arranged pick up game @ Steel City Wargaming see's me play against a Dwarf amry for the first time. This one gets real bloody!...Real Quick!

012 High Elves Vs Wood Elves
It's Zi's first time down at Steel City Wargaming and he brings the bane of my High ELves existence. I've only beat WE with HE @2400pts when i ran a cavalry themed army and so could get in combat before he had time to shoot enough away...will this change?

I wont be going down to the club this Friday due to my 1st Wedding Anniversary, but the following Friday (12th) should be having a game of 40k with my Necrons against Zi's (new) Tau.

...should be interesting!

After that is the Warhammer World Tournament! WhooP!

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