Saturday, 20 April 2013

New high elf leak

So I've been pouring over the newly "leaked" pictures...(thanks GW pr team) and I'm really excited by what I see!

Clearly have new shadow warrior figures and so I reckon the rumour I them being core will be true and can see them being buffed nicely to flog the new stuff!

The new pheonix model being sold one to a pack has me perplexed...i was expecting a pack of three...ala most monstrous cab so far... So either we're going to be having the most expensive unit of flying MC or they'll be similar to a ridden monster stat wise...interesting stuff either way!

Everqueen and guard models for sure! Can't wait to see the new rules!

So excited for this release!!

Oh and the new BSB model looks sweet but ill still e using my scratch built!

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