Friday, 29 July 2011

003 vs Khorne Warriors

Here's a battle report of a game i had yesterday. My (Chaos) mate has vastly improved his list. We'd rolled the Dawn Battle scenario which really throws any deployment tactics you may have out the window!

It was the most fun i've had so far in a game - due to events you will hear about!

I'm afraid i took more photos this time, not wanting to miss anything, but that does mean its in two parts!

Incidentally, would anyone like a game (@1250/1500pts) next Thursday (4th August) round 12 @ GW Sheffield - would be nice to have a BatRep thats not Chaos/Skaven/Same player!

In Other News
My credit card has arrived, which means i have bought some Silver Helms and a noble pack so i can make a couple of BSB's.

I've started painting my Dragon Princes (as you may have seen in the BatReps) and undercoated some movement trays, but my brush was totalled by the forth horse so i had a time out to go buy one! Lets hope for rain this weekend so i can paint all happy like!

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