Thursday, 21 July 2011

Second Game 002 Vs Warriors of Chaos

So i had 2 games yesterday which were very enjoyable and both good learning experiences. I've only detailed the first one which was at Games Workshop against my mates WoC as the second was round his house on an unpainted Citadel gameboard with torn up pieces of paper as terrain and a heavily proxied Skaven army in his command!

So here's the video battle report of yesterday's chaos game. I've mentioned in the video a few of the errors we played, but despite this i still feel it was a good tactical victory! I feel i'm getting to know my units a little better now and where and when to place them (deployment wise) and how best to match them up.

I don't envisage me winning every game against this particular mate as once he gets the tactics of his armies down he'l no doubt start crushing me, and i must agree that High Elf magic is very powerful at this points level!

The second game round his house against his new Skaven list was really fun and much more closer. I used the same list as the above report but went for Fire instead of Shadow...

...Fire is really fucking useful against skaven! I'd never even considered it as a lore before but the spell that does D3 S4 hits for every rank of 5 spells doom when he has 50 Clanrats ranked up!!

I'm gutted i didn't chrinicle it actually as it was my first Blood and Glory. He started with 6 and me with 4 and won it 3-1 in the end!

Anyway - as i'm nice and all, i've agreed to drop the Banenr of Saphery for the next game and we reckon we can bust out a 1250 pt game so i'm going to have to think about list again now!

Till next time (where i might actually have painted my Dragon princes!)

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