Friday, 8 July 2011

Prince on Griffon and other news...

So due to crap weather on days i'd planned on undercoating, my Tirannoc chariot and RBT remains grey plastic and, wanting something to paint, i decided to paint the Prince ofn Griffon model from the Island of Blood kit. Now this model will most likely never be represented as it should in my army die to the crapness of it! However, it will most likely proxy as a great eagle for the far future (until everthing else is bought)

Before i go into pictures, i should share with the world that i traded L.A. Noire in (having 100% it - god these days of summer are long!) and used some of the money to buy a pack of Dragon Princes. I love these models (from the pictures) but they quite finnickey to assemble - either way - they are indeed assembled, and being cooler that the chariot or RBT, have jumped the paint queue.

Another mate of mine has also looked at yours truly's models and realised he too misses painting and so has bought himself some lizzies to paint - queue another gaming buddy!

The Skaven/Chaos mate has just bought a gameboard, so my next update should hopefully be a full on Battle report - attempted in the style of "OnceBitten"

So, the Prince on Griffon - to be fair, i wanted to paint it but didn't want to spend hours on it so i'm afraid there's not much to write home about - it got base coloured and the i drybrush the shit out of it! Liteally everthing was drybrushed! Few touch ups here and there and gemmed and voila - a proxy great eagle ready for my 1k game next week!

Feathers were based in foundation Caltharn brown, washed with chestnut ink and drybrushed up from  Caltharn/Snakebite brown to pretty much Bleached bone.

Blue as ever starts with Foundation Mordian blue, then gets layered up to Enchanted blue.

The white was piss poor grading from asto grey up to skull white...meh

The back end of the griffon and the claws were a 505/50 mix of Snakebite leather and Foundation Iyanden Yellow, washed with chestnut ink heavily watered down, and then successively drybrush highlighted up to Iyanden yellow.



Highlights and based:

And this last one i like purely cause the flash on the cam accidentaly went off and the way it's reacted with the white on the lance makes it lookk like its a magical weapon glowing with raw power!:

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